Catalyst #24 Summer 2010 - Newspaper of the Solidarity Federation


Aug 20 2010 15:27

Looks excellent smile

Aug 20 2010 15:46


Yorkie Bar
Aug 20 2010 16:07

I only glanced at it since I'm on the iPhone - looks fab tho.

Aug 20 2010 18:11

A few minor points:

- use MORE italics
- use more varieties of font, esp impact and hattenschweiler
- vary text size loads to fit pages, if there lots of space on a page, make the text massive, or blow-up the pictures
- if an image is really grainy or pixellated, just shrink it a bit, people won't notice it as much
- try slipping a '4' into random words to excite the reader and keep them on their toes
- include references to non-existent articles - this will freak out the reader like they are reading a sexy airport novel or crime thriller

These are all tips from a group I used to be in, propaganda & publications A-Z, 'So You Want to Do A Fuckin Workin Class Paper?'

Aug 20 2010 21:48

This is definitely one of the best publications anarchists are producing (Resistance included wink )...The graphics and layout really work. Great stuff.

Chilli Sauce
Aug 20 2010 23:03
I don't really see the point of AF or SolFed in the UK producing their own organs either.

I love the way "organ" sounds way more dirty than "newspaper", but guess who said the above statement on the exact same day the newest Catalyst came out?

Still tho, that's what we get for adapting the "Lenin model of the party"...

Aug 20 2010 23:33

It looks great, is this the first issue with this layout? Massive improvement on the last issue I saw (back in '08)

Joseph Kay
Aug 21 2010 13:29

This is the third issue as an 8-page tabloid, the other two should be in the library here as well.

ncwob wrote:
Still tho, that's what we get for adapting the "Lenin model of the party"...

tbh, Dundee's just pure 'no u' bait. things that are not Leninist; a new workers party, a political group entering others to take leadership positions, brutally fucking up 'competition' in the name of anti-sectarianism. Things that are Leninist; producing an organisational newspaper - the definitive feature of Leninism.

Aug 21 2010 17:11

Just to clarify Asher, Catalyst became a newspaper after Organise! did The Leveller. Sort of keeping up with the Joneses wink

Aug 21 2010 23:50

Haha, nice work Organise! then tongue I have a copy of The Leveller in my room - tbf it isn't as pretty as this Catalyst but the content is pretty good. I espec liked the article (which I think you wrote Choccy?) on assessment in schools.

Aug 22 2010 00:54

Just printed out a be read.

sort it out frosty
Aug 22 2010 01:55

Haha I know the person who came up with the name "Catalyst"...

Aug 23 2010 09:17

haven't read this yet, but if someone could post up decent individual articles as text versions in the library that would be cool, that gets more readers from Google etc

Aug 23 2010 10:47

I like the layout & style of this - looks very good

what do you use to do it? MS paint or something like that?

Joseph Kay
Aug 23 2010 15:12

I've put a load of the main articles up as separate news posts.