Towards a Fresh Revolution - Audiobook

Audiobook version of the pamphlet Towards a Fresh Revolution, published by the Friends of Durruti group during the Spanish Civil War.

In Defense of A/S: Centralism and Decentralism

discussing the Anarcho-syndicalist approach to centralism

Syndicalism and Authority - Pierre Besnard

Cartoon of Pierre Besnard

French anarcho-syndicalist Pierre Besnard's exposition of the libertarian nature of anarcho-syndicalism, or as he refers to it, federalist syndicalism. Besnard deals with potential anti-organisationalist criticisms by elaborating how these free syndicates are formed, and how decisions are made within them, making clear that syndicalism is not something totally new to humans, but is merely, in a sense, a new expression of the universal, primordial tendency towards co-operation. Note: the translator is an amateur, so please forgive any errors.

In Defense Of A/S: Unionism

A defense of labor unions in Anarcho-syndicalist revolutionary strategy

Communism Without Workers: An Anarcho-syndicalist Critique Of The Communisation Current

Anarcho-syndicalist critique of communisation

Barricadas en Barcelona by Agustin Guillamon (Spa)

Book cover/Portada del libro

Spanish edition, by Ediciones Espartaco International, of Agustín Guillamóns Barricades in Barcelone.

The London Years - Rudolf Rocker

A first hand account of legendary anarcho-syndicalist Rudolf Rocker's years in London, where he became involved in the Jewish anarchist movment of the East End. In his time in London, he helped set up the Jewish Bakers' Union, organised mass demonstrations as well as the 1912 Jewish tailor's strike.

Build the Revolution: Anarcho-Syndicalism in the 21st Century

A text from the Radical Education Department, looking at contemporary debates over anarcho-syndicalist strategy and responding to some critiques.

Worker Cooperatives and Revolution: History and Possibilities in the United States

This book, published in 2014, attempts to bring Marxism and the solidarity economy together in both theory and practice.