Catalyst #25 - Newspaper of the Solidarity Federation

Catalyst #25 - Newspaper of the Solidarity Federation

Catalyst - the 8-page tabloid from the Solidarity Federation.

Available as a pdf download.

In this issue:

Actions speaks louder: Did the trashing of Tory HQ at Millbank in November mark the start of a militant anti-cuts movment?

Direct Action: Centrefold poster to pull-out and keep - or decorate your local occupation with!

Housing benefit cuts spark poverty fears: We interview a claimant.

'All joined up': An interview with a French teacher who participated in the general strike and economic blockades there.

Pensions under threat: Divide and rule game looks set to undermine both public and private sector workers' pensions.

Know Your Rights: A brief guide to the law around Redundancy.

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Jan 15 2011 18:43

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