Debt: the first 5000 years - David Graeber

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David Graeber maps out the history of debt from ancient civilisations to current times, suggesting it has been one of the great catalysts for social and political strife throughout.

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Nov 21 2012 16:21


  • One of the year’s most influential books. Graeber situates the emergence of credit within the rise of class society, the destruction of societies based on ‘webs of mutual commitment’ and the constantly implied threat of physical violence that lies behind all social relations based on money.

    Paul Mason

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Jul 21 2013 17:20

There was some useful discussion of this book on Joseph Kay's blog 'Thoughts on David Graeber's Debt.....' worth checking out.

Jul 21 2013 18:06

Oh I never noticed when was posted, thanks so much for this upload smile