Empire - Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt

Empire - Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt

Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt argue that globalisation is transforming individual nation states into a system of diffuse national and global institutions of power - in other words a new type of Empire - which raises the possibility for a "multitude" of people to fight it.

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Libcom also hosts the following critical reviews of Empire:

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Jul 29 2005 11:13


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May 20 2016 10:20

Empire by Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri or the modern hiccups of old revisionism, an amusing critique of Negri's book, Empire, can be found here:


Aug 21 2021 10:22

Cant find the ICG text on libcom just now but the ideas expressed in this book are critically reviewed by Aufeben in the library here and in the article 'Working Class or Multitude' by IP in their issue 46 here:

Aug 21 2021 11:19

Thanks Mike, I've added a link to the Aufheben review and another one now.

I couldn't get your link to work for some reason but possibly this one will work. The review starts on page 34.

Aug 25 2021 07:41

That GCI-ICG text: http://gci-icg.org/CD-Rom/Html/English/Revues/Cm14_3.htm .

(In case the Fozzie-supplied url does not work for the Internationalist Perspective article, first access https://internationalistperspective.org/issues and then click for issue 46.)