A Look at Leninism - Ron Taber

A Look at Leninism - Ron Taber

Published in 1988 this work by Ron Taber takes a critical look at Lenin and the early Bolshevik parties ideology dubbed "Leninism".

Originally published as series of articles in Torch/La Antorcha a publication for the Revolutionary Socialist League in 1987 this book was inspired by some unanswered questions in and early investigation and critique(Trotskyism and the dilemma of Socialism) of Trotsky's explanation for the Soviet Union's transformation into Totalitarianism. Specifically the laying of full blame at the hands of Stalin whilst taking pains to exonerate Lenin.

Starting with the core question "What role did Bolshevik party founder and leader V.I. Lenin and his theories and practical activity play in the establishment of that oppressive society (Which we call state capitalism)?" Taber underwent an extensive rereading of the October Revolution and the Civil War and there aftermath. As well as a re-examination of Lenin's own words which uncovered a pronounced tendency towards Authoritarianism from the start.

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Dec 5 2012 10:51


  • I could no longer square my acceptance of Leninism with my fundamental commitment to a revolutionary libertarian socialism.

    Ron Taber

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klas batalo
Dec 6 2012 04:08

So glad this finally is available and I didn't have to do the work.

Dec 6 2012 18:09

Iirc, albeit dimly, wasn't there a sequel/folo-up of sorts to this pamphlet?

Dec 6 2012 19:10
arminius wrote:
Iirc, albeit dimly, wasn't there a sequel/folo-up of sorts to this pamphlet?

Chris Hobson and Ron Tabor wrote a large volume entitled "Trotskyism and the Dilemma of Socialism". It's an interesting.

Feb 18 2013 03:58

Ron has just finished an excellent book-length critique of Marxism, tentatively titled "The Tyranny of Ideology". The book got its start several years ago as a series in Love & Rage. (This makes it similar to Look at Leninism which was published a series of essays in The Torch, the RSL's newspaper.)

Unfortunately both AK and PM have declined to publish the book. If any one has alternative publisher suggestions, they would be welcome. Otherwise it will be self published some time soon.

Ron is a retired kindergarten teacher in Los Angeles and on the Editorial Board for The Utopian - A Journal of Anarchism and Libertarian Socialism (http://www.utopianmag.com/)and a member of First of May Anarchist Alliance (www.m1aa.org; www.facebook.com/1MayAA) .

Feb 18 2013 09:21

Well, if it were sent to us to have a look I'm sure we would be happy to publish it online (but appreciate that is different to someone wanting it printed!)

Mar 31 2013 19:36

He should speak to Black Cat press.