Low intensity operations: subversion, insurgency, peacekeeping - Frank Kitson

British troops in Northern Ireland

This is an essential handbook on the basics of modern counter-insurgency. Every revolutionary should read it.

Born in 1926, General Sir Frank Kitson was commissioned into the army soon after the end of World War II and retired 40 years later in 1985. This book tells his story. In the course of his service he spent many years with armored formations in Germany, culminating in the command of an armoured division. He also took part in counter-insurgency and peace-keeping activities in Kenya, Malaya, Oman, Cyprus and Northern Ireland and held staff appointments in the Ministry of Defence. He spent the final three years of his service as Commander in Chief of the United Kingdom Land Forces.

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Nov 29 2011 10:37

A spammer brought this topic to my attention, and that spam has now been deleted by a mod.

Still, it still seems worthy of a comment.

Frank Kitson wrote:
Low Intensity Operations: Subversion, Insurgency, Peacekeeping

This book title really should be re-named:

How To Keep Hidden Torture Campaigns by the British Army: Smashing Free Speech, Smashing Freedom Fighters, Bullshitting the British Public

Can anyone else come up with a more apt title?

Jan 25 2012 22:13

Some info today on massacre by British Army, Malaya 1948


Apr 18 2012 06:45

More information on army massacres, British government torture centres and how the files containing details of thousands of illegal acts were destroyed or kept hidden.


Aug 15 2013 07:54

Is this available in a kindle pub format?