Marxism: Last refuge of the bourgeoisie? - Paul Mattick

Extracts of Paul Mattick's book on Marxism.


Jul 31 2013 09:53

There is much else of value in this book.

I would particularly recomend the last short chapter entitled 'Marxism:Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow', written in 1978 it still has much relevance today in a number of discussion threads on libcom in it's inclusion of some pertinent comments on 'academic marxism' and the relation between 'objective' and 'subjective' conditions favouring a potential rupture with capitalism.

I'm still trying to find an on-line version to link here but if anyone else can trace it that would be great.

Jul 31 2013 17:03

So I realise that the text I mention above is still available on this site:

along with some but not all the others listed thete.