The origin and ideals of the Modern School - Francisco Ferrer


Apr 27 2012 00:31

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Juan Conatz
Apr 27 2012 00:58

What does it need?

Apr 27 2012 12:01
GrouchoMarxist wrote:
Needs moderation

hey, thanks for posting this, that's great.

When submitting child pages of parent books, they default get sorted in alphabetical order. This is a less the child chapters are given "weight". The default weight is 0, but can be set to any level between -15 and +15. So to get chapters to automatically appear in numerical order you can enter them in the format:
chapter 01
chapter 02 etc

whereas with Roman numerals we will have to manually set weight to the different chapters

So here chapter 9 needs giving more weight, then chapter 10 and up need giving more weight still. The epilogue and introduction need giving negative weight to put them at the top.

This is just for your reference for the future.

I can sort out this one, however chapter 3 seems to be missing, and I don't know what order anthropism, introduction and the Bible are meant to be in. If you let me know what order they should be I can sort this out. Cheers.

Chapter 16 also appears to be in twice, as do a few of your submissions. When you click "save" at the bottom of an article, please only click it once.

Cheers again for your help!