Postal service: reading guide

Postal service: reading guide's reading guide on working life and struggles written by and about workers in the postal service.

Key texts

Industry struggles

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  • Communication Workers Group - Militant rank and file network of postal workers from the late 1980s, initiated by anarcho-syndicalists in the UK.
  • Royal Mail - Content about workers' struggles, privatisation and events related to the Royal Mail.
  • CWU - Content about the Communication Workers' Union, the main trade union representing postal workers in the UK.
  • CUPW - Content about the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, the main trade union representing postal workers in Canada.
  • Post strikes 2009 - Content about the 2009 UK postal strikes against 'modernisation'.

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Apr 7 2014 19:42

Can i add my tuppenceworth, two articles i wrote for Industrial Worker during the 1996 strike wave in Royal Mail.

Other posts on other postal strikes from my blog