Radical America #12.02: Murals

Constituent Items:

People's art & change the community mural movement (Cockcroft, James D. Cockcroft, Eva S.)
Recent Raza murals in the U.S. (Drescher, Tim Garcia, Rupert)
The wonderful white paper (Domino, Ruth)
The clerking sisterhood wonderful white paper rationalization and the work culture of saleswomen (Benson, Susan Porter)
From the movement Frank Ackerman on reformism & sectarianism; Judy Syfers on organizing paraprofessionals (Ackerman, Frank Syfers, Judy)
Letters from the Ehrenreichs (Ehrenreich, Barbara Ehrenreich, John)
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Aug 11 2013 15:10

A note on the frequent absence of first issues after this point. Apparently Radical America would reissue the last issue of the previous volume as the first issue of the next. As far as I know the issues had no alterations between reissuing.