Begumpura: The Anarchist Commune

Indian anarchist Pranav Jeevan P writes on Begumpura, a utopia envisioned by the mystic and poet Guru Raidas. This article was first published by Round Table India.

Advertising Anarchy

An introduction to advertising and propaganda for anarchists

Bim-Bom, Bang Bang! Chekists and Clowns


A short account of the circus clown duo Bim-Bom and their encounter with the Cheka in revolutionary Russia.

Iron Bars on the House of Labour

An overlay of two images. The CUPE Ontario Flag with a grouping of cops marching

How accepting surveillance officers and other parts of the repressive state into trade unions is a threat to organizers across so-called Canada...

“Radical Gotham” – New York City, Just Like You Pictured It

Radical Gotham: Anarchism in New York City

Review of Tom Goyens, ed., Radical Gotham: Anarchism in New York City (2017). Describes the essays on 19th-20th century anarchist groups at first by ethnicity and the newspapers they produced in NYC – Johann Most and the Germans; Saul Yanovsky and the Jews; Luigi Galleani and his Italian followers; and the Spanish circle around El Despertar. Also a chapter on Dorothy Day and the Catholic Worker. Post-WWII, the essays discuss the Why? group of post-WWII anarchists; the Living Theatre; Black Mask/Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers; the artist Gordon Matta-Clark; the ABC No Rio cultural center; and finally anarchism in Occupy Wall Street.

Medina Onrubia de Botana, Salvadora Carmen, 1894-1972

Salvadora Carmen Medina Onrubia

A short biography of Argentinian feminist anarchist poet and writer Salvadora Carmen Medina Onrubia de Botana, written by Cristina Guzzo.

Armand Guerra (1886-1939) Movie-maker and pioneer of militant moviemaking

A short biography of Spanish anarchist filmmaker, Armand Guerra, written by Eric Jarry.

Japanese Inter War Proletarian Propaganda

A gallery of Proletarian propaganda posters, handbills postcards and photos from the Inter War years. The material was created by multiple organisations and currents, an essay explaining these images can be found here.

Manifesto of proletarian art

“Manifest Proletkunst” (Manifesto of Proletarian Art), a text written by the Dutch artist Theo van Doesburg, published in Kurt Schwitters' periodical Merz #2 in April 1923 (Hannover, p.24-25), with signatures by leading artists of the international avant-garde (Schwitters, Hans Arp, Tristan Tzara and Christof Spengemann).