Radical America #18.05: Women and Labor Activism

Constituent Items:

Beep, beep, Yale's cheap looking at the Yale strike (Cupo, Aldo Ladd-Taylor, Molly Lett, Beverly Montgomery, David)
Comparable worth, incomparable pay the issue at Yale (Amott, Teresa Matthaei, Julie)
The genesis of contemporary Italian feminism (Barkan, Joanne)
Italy working class militancy, feminism and trade union politics (Beccalli, Bianca)
Strategy, compromise and revolt viewing the Italian workers' movement (Brodhead, Frank)
We'll be here right to the end... and after Women and the British miners' strike (Loach, Loretta)
Poem (Eisenberg, Susan)
Sharing the shop floor women and men on the assembly line (Gray, Stan)

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