Revolution in Egypt: interview with an Egyptian anarcho-syndicalist

Suez Canal workers protest, 2011.

Interview by the Friends of the classless society (Berlin) with an anarcho-syndicalist from Egypt.

In the following conversation, Jano Charbel, a labor journalist in Cairo who defines himself as anarcho-syndicalist, talks about the character of the revolution in Egypt, the recent history of workers' struggles, the role of Islamists and unions, gender relations and the perspectives of struggles.

The interview was conducted by two friends of the classless society in Cairo in spring 2011.

Updates on the situation in Egypt can be found on Charbel's blog.

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Jul 25 2011 12:36

Yo, so I just gave this a read and it was fantastic. Highly recommended to anyone who hasn't given it a look yet..

Jul 25 2011 15:06

when i uploaded this interview i forgot to mention that some of charbel's articles can be read here: