Socialist League Leaflets and Manifestoes

Socialist League Leaflets and Manifestoes

International Review of Social History

Volume 22, Issue 1
April 1977 , pp. 21-29
The Socialist League Leaflets and Manifestoes: An Annotated Checklist

Eugene D. Lemire
Published online: 18 December 2008

From the formation of the Socialist League on December 30, 1884, until an anarchist take-over forced William Morris from the Common-weal editorship on May 25, 1890, the Council of the League gave a special importance to its pamphlet and leaflet publication. In Common-weal their significance was made quite explicit:

“The Manifesto of the League, the pamphlets in the ‘Socialist Platform’ series, the leaflets issued by the Council of the League, and articles definitely so stated in the 'Weal, are the only authoritative expositions of the League's creed and policy.”

After May 25, 1890, notions of “creed and policy” lost force, and – as some late publications show - it rapidly became impossible to identify any corporate responsibility.

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