Under the banner of Marxism - 1924, 1925

Pod znamenem marksizma 1925


no. 1

5 V. Nevsky: Lenin
10 Abram Deborin: Lenin - militant materialist
29 V. Vaganian: The greatest of the masters of revolution
35 David Ryazanov: On A. Labriola's letters
41 Antonio Labriola: Letters to F. Engels
81 S. Gonikman: Hegel studies in 'modern times'
95 Grigory Bammel: On the question of the historical reality of the founders of ancient materialism
107 K. Kornilov: Dialectical method in psychology
114 Arnošt Kolman: Einstein and materialism
127 Arkady Timiryazev: Einstein, materialism and comrade Kolman, text
136 Ivan Orlov: Does an actual infinity exist?
148 Vladimir Friche: Most important currents in post-war Western literature
164 Mich. Pavlovich: V. Lenin and the national question
188 Boris Gorev: Nikolay K. Mikhaylovsky and materialism
205 Grigory Solomonovich Seidel (Zajdel): Théodore Dezamy
218 C. Fridljand: Two books on K. Marx and Fr. Engels
232 P. Mesjacev: Old errors in new light
240 V. Rumij (Vaganian): The Famusovs of our time
250 V. Rumij (Vaganian): On provincial journals
257 Nik. Karev: History professor in changing life
262 Ivan Luppol: 'A.G. Vulfius. Fundamental problems of the era of Enlightenment'
264 Stefan Krivtsov: 'Julian Borchardt. Introduction to scientific socialism'
265 Iegudilov: 'Problem of criminality, compiled works'
267 Aleksandr Maksimov: 'V. A. Steklov. Mathematics and its value for humanity'
273 Z. A. Cejtlin (Tseytlin/Tseitlin): 'O.D. Khvolson. Atomic structure and röntgen-rays.' 'D.A. Gol'dgammer. World invisible to the eye.'
276 V. Maksimovsky: Agrarian policy in Russia
283 L.V.: 'Hermann Wendel. A. Bebel'
285 V. Rumij (Vaganian): 'Mark Baskin. What a well-prepared marxist should know'
288 Letter to S.K.R.K.P.

no. 2

5 Abram Deborin: Lenin - militant materialist
24 V. Nevsky: Lenin as a materialist in his first works
47 Grigory Bammel: Lenin and the revolution's logic
63 Michail Pokrowski: Lenin as model of revolutionary leader
74 Yevgeni Preobrazhensky: Lenin, party, working class
83 Boris Gorev: Russian roots of Leninism
92 Archival information of V.I. Lenin Institute
93 V.I. Lenin: Iensky congress of the German social-democratic party
97 Vladimir Milyutin : Lenin and the problem of the driving force of social revolution
109 Stefan Krivtsov: Friend of the people and contemporaneity
117 V. Vaganian: V.I. Lenin and the art of armed uprising in light of the first Russian revolution
148 C. Fridljand: Lenin and the war of 1914-1918
173 Ivan Luppol: Lenin as theoretician of the proletarian state
196 M. Pavlovich: Lenin and the theory of post-imperialism
221 Arkady Timiryazev: Lenin and contemporary natural science
232 Valerian Polianskii: Lenin and literature
240 B.E. Bichovsky: Materialism and dialectics in the works of Lenin
256 V. Rumij (Vaganian): V.I. Lenin and his deal in the correspondence of Martov and Axelrod
275 Materialist: Apothecaries' balance and revolutionary practice . (About the revolutionary craftsmanship of V.I. Lenin)
278 Janis Stens: N. Lenin, On the party's foundation 20 years ago
280 S. Gonikman: N. Lenin. Tactics of Bolshevism
283 K.N.: N.N. Popov and Ya.A. Yakovlev. Lenin's life and Leninism
283 K.N.: Henri Guilbeaux. Lenin
284 V. S-L: Lenin, collected works
285 V. Sokol: Great builder, collected works
285 P.V.: K. Radek. On Lenin
285 S.V.: Bulletin V.I. Lenin Institute
286 N. Somov: Collection of articles about Lenin
287 V. Pepel (Vaganian): In the days of mourning

no. 3

5 V.I. Lenin: Passage from letter to M. Gorki
6 Abram Deborin: Marx and Hegel.
24 S. Gonikman: Hegel studies in 'modern times'
37 Vladimir Sergeyev: War on the ideological front from 500 years ago to our time
49 Ivan Orlov: Classical physics and relativism
77 Z. Cejtlin: A. Einstein's theory of relativity and dialectical materialism
111 P. Stuchka: Lenin and the agrarian question
126 Cholom Dvolaitski: V.I. Lenin as economist
154 David Ryazanov: Foreword to P. Lafargue's articles
157 Paul Lafargue: About slodujuscij don' after the revolution
165 Paul Lafargue: Socialism in France
188 G. Seidel: Théodore Dézamy
202 Ark. A-N: Elements of dialectical and economic materialism in the views of Charles Fourier
230 Valerian Polianskii: Writers on art and themselves
240 B.E. Bichovsky: On the epistemological excursus of prof. Sinicyn
247 N. Lenzner: On the literary legacy of R. Luxemburg
250 V. Struminsky: A few remarks on comrade Troitsky's review
255 A.Troitsky: Reply to V. Struminsky
260 Ivan Luppol: New books on the questions of law and state
268 I. L-L: P. Holbach. Good Sense
272 V. Ter (Vaganian): G. Zinoviev. History of the RCP (Bolsheviks)
278 V. Pepel (Vaganian): B. Astrov. Economists - forerunners of the Mensheviks
283 Viacheslav Volgin: V. Svjatlovsky. History of socialism
288 N. L-R: Yuri Steklov. Paul Lafargue.
291 Ivan Orlov: New ideas in physics (No. 10, Leningrad, 1924)
293 Vladimir Semenchenko: Classics of natural science, book IK
294 V. S-Ko: Walther Nernst. The universe in light of new research
296 S.V.: Alfred Wegener. Origin of the moon and its crators
298 Ivan Orlov: V. Stankevich. Mendeleev, A great Russian chemist (Prague, 1923)
299 Ivan Orlov: Maizel. Color and paint (Leningrad, 1923). W. Ostwald’s Die Farbenlehre (Bd. I–IV. Leipzig, 1910)
301 V. Nevsky and V. Vaganian: S. Vasilchenko. The quarry of underground workers./Career underground t II
305 Jakov Samoylovych Rozanov, second last on the list): Index of marxist bibliography
310 Archive of K. Marx and Fr. Engels

no. 4-5

5 A. Arosev: On Lenin
12 A.Troitsky: Philisophy in the service of revolution
20 August Thalheimer: Two centuries since the birth of Kant in Germany
37 Nik. Karev: On the 200th year of the birth day of I. Kant
50 V. Serezhnikov : Kant's teachings on space and time before the court of physiology
60 N. Vinogradskaja: Kant's ethics from the point of view of historical materialism
92 Arkady Timiryazev: Apropos P. Hale's article
93 P. Hale: True meaning of the theory of relativity
108 Ivan Orlov: Chemical affinity and valence according to the latest research
115 Z. Cejtlin: A. Einstein's theory of relativity and dialectical materialism
138 Aleksandr Maksimov: On the question of dialectics in the history of natural science
160 Nikolai Bukharin: Imperialism and the accumulation of capital
201 Ark. A-N: Charles Fourier on the position of the woman, love and marriage
239 Nik. Karev: On the validity and invalidty of Hegel's thought
256 V. Astrov: On the social roots of opportunism
267 T.A.: Marxism and philosophy (on Karl Korsch's essay)
273 K.N.: On the book of Ju. Martov. World Bolshevism
283 V. Evgenij: 'Bolshevik', polit.-economical biweekly CK RKP
284 A.Troitsky: A. Deborin. Book about readings of the history of philosophy, t. I.
286 Ivan Luppol: History of philosophy in marxist light, compiled by B.G. Stolpner and P. S. Yushkevich
288 I. L-L: Reader on French materialism, .. II
290 A. T-Ij: Ivan Luppol. Denis Diderot
291 K.N.: L. Mecnikov: Civilization and great empires
293 Ivan Orlov: Henri Bergson. Duration and Simultaneity (Moscow, 1923)
294 K. Milonov: Dannemann. Die Naturwissenschaften in ihrer Entwicklung und ihrem Zusammenhänge
297 I. Vajnstein: A. Zalkind. Articles on the culture of revolutionary times
300 Sergey Mikhaylovich Monosov (1893-1931): Max Beer. History of socialism in Great-Britain
305 S. Monosov: Slosson. Tsarist movement and the cause of its collapse
306 Ch. Lur'e: N. Lukin. Latest history of Western Europe
309 N. Lenzner: E. Bernstein. In the years of my exile
312 I. Kapitonov: Boris Brutskus . Economy of agriculture

no. 6-7

5 Abram Deborin: Marxism, Lenin and contemporary culture
27 Ivan Luppol: Tragedy of Russian materialism in the 18th century
49 Abram Deborin: Lukacs and his critique of marxism, text
69 Ivan Orlov: Formal logic, the logic of natural science, and the dialectic
90 I. Vajnstein: Tectology and tactics
97 Aleksandr Maksimov: On the question of dialectics in the history of natural science
122 Z. Cejtlin: Method of demonstration of the laws of interconnected .. and electirical mass of Newton-Cavendish-Maxwell compared with the research method of K. Marx and Fr, Engels
157 Nikolai Bukharin: Imperialism and the accumulation of capital
171 Faddey Ilyich Michalevsky : Study on the theory of credit
196 Modest Iosifovich Rubenstein: Remaining capitalist attitude to proletarian dictatorship in the West
212 A. Troitsky: News from the legacy of Marx and Engels
217 M. Abramovich: Fr. Engels as war theoretician
234 Nik. Karev: Hilferding against socialism
247 Ark. A-N: Labor school of Charles Fourier
284 K. Milonov: 'Zebelev. Socrates'
287 G. Tymjansky: 'Krzivisky. Development of morality'
289 Aleksandr Zaitsev: 'N. Bukharin. Attack. Compilation of theoretical articles'
291 I. L-L: 'K. Kautsky. Marxist theory of the state in light of Cunow'
293 I. L-L: 'Sadinsky. Social life of people'
295 Ivan Orlov: 'Khvolson. Characteristics of the developments of physics in the last 50 years'
296 Ivan Orlov: 'Philosophy of science, c. I., part 2'
298 C.Z.: 'Henri Poincaré: Last thoughts'
300 C.Z.: 'New ideas in physics, coll. g'
304 I. K-V: 'I. Dashkovskij. Conspectus course political economy' and ' P. Michalevsky. Beginner's course political economy'
305 I. Kapitonov: 'S. Gozhansky: Essays on political economy'
310 I. Gorsenin: 'Naumov. Introduction to teachings of economic science'

no. 8-9

5 August Thalheimer: Lenin as philospher
32 N. Zvenigorodcev: Lenin and dialectics
51 Vladimir Jurinec: Freudism and marxism
93 Ivan Orlov: On the laws of random phenomena
115 N. Vinogradskaja: Denis Diderot
142 Arkady Timiryazev: Theory of relativity and dialectical materialism
157 D. Gul'be: Darwinism and the theory of mutation from the dialectical materialist point of view
167 Z. Cejtlin: Scholastic empiricism
210 Nikolai Bukharin: Imperialism and the accumulation of capital
224 B. Lifshitz: On positing the monetary problem
246 S. Wolfson: Contemporary critics of marxism, text (Spanish)
272 S. Monosov: Tyrant and the French revolution
283 Nik. Karev: Max Adler. Marx as thinker
285 Janis Stens: Stefan Rudnjansky. Conversation about marxist philosophy
289 G. Tymjansky: Harald Høffding. Textbook on the history of modern philosophy
291 S.P.: L.A. Cheskis (#1935). Thomas Hobbes
293 P.S. Sapozhnikov: Regular distortions of marxism
298 K. Milonov: Varjas. Marx als Mathematiker
302 I. L-L: Orest Vladimirovich Trachtenberg. Conversation with teachers of historical materialism
304 Ivan Luppol: Popov-Lensky: Antoine Barnave and the materialist understanding of history
306 S. Wolfson: Georges Plechanov. Anarchisme et socialisme. Force et violence
308 Aleksandr Maksimov: 'Iskra'
311 C.Z.: N.A. Belov: Physiological types
313 Ivan Orlov: A. E. Fersman. Chemical Problems of Industry (Chemical Research
Publications, Leningrad, 1924).
315 Ivan Orlov: A. L. Chizhevskiy. Physical Factors of the Historical Process (Kaluga,
316 S. Monosov: N.M. Lukin: Maximilien Robespierre
317 V. Petrova: Aleksandr Ivanovich Molok. Essays on the struggles and culture of the Paris Commune
319 M. Abramovich: Franz Mehring. Essays on the history of war and art of war

no. 10-11

5 Abram Deborin: Fichte and the Great French revolution
23 I. Vajnstein: Georg Lukacs and his theory of reification
48 G. Tymjansky: John Toland
56 Ivan Orlov: The scientific activity of William Thomson (Lord Kelvin)
62 Albert Einstein: On the 100th year of the birth of Lord Kelvin
65 William Thomson: On the vichreyevich of atoms
78 Z. Cejtlin: Vichreyevaja theory of matter, its interpretation and meaning
92 Arkady Timiryazev: Theory of relativity and dialectical materialism
115 Isaak Rubin: Production relations and material categories, text
133 V. N. Poznjakov: Capitalism and the external market
153 A. Bernstein: Basic thoughts of Ferdinand Lassalle
189 N. Rubenstein: M.N. Pokrowski: Plekhanov – Russian historian
211 Michail Pokrowski: A few remarks on comrade Rubenstein's article
213 S. Gonikman: Inspector
222 Nik. Karev: On 'the new era' in philosophical criticism
230 Nik. Karev: Review of the book about Leninism
234 Ivan Luppol: History of philosophy in marxist light, part II
235 G. Tymjansky: Ludwig Feuerbach. Composition, part III
238 P. Sapozhnikov: Leninst compilation, I
247 Ivan Luppol: D. Rachman. John Locke. His teachings on cognition, right and education, subjective and objective psychology, text
251 K.N.: Max Adler. Engels as thinker
253 Ivan Orlov: F. V. Aston. Isotopes. Contemporary Problems of Natural Science, No.
14 (Moscow, 1923). New Ideas in Chemistry, No. 9. Isotopes
255 C.Z.: V. Lebedinsky. William Thomson - Lord Kelvin
257 C.Z.: Ja. I. Frenkel. Theory of relativity
261 B. Zavadovsky: Ju. Ja. Filipchenko. Genetic variability and its meaning for evolution
264 Ch. Lure: Eduard Bernstein. Socialism and democracy in the great English revolution
268 V. Poznjakov: V. Grinevich. National economy of Germany

no. 12

5 August Thalheimer: Remarks on Lenin as a philosopher
18 Stefan Krivtsov: Party of the proletariat or of the petty-bourgeoisie (on the history of the draft programme of the RSDLP)
33 Abram Deborin: Fichte and the Great French revolution
50 Nik. Karev: On how and wherewith no trace links up with marxism
86 Ivan Orlov: Mathematics and Marxism.
100 Ivan Luppol: On the new textbooks about historical materialism
111 I. Vydra: Objective moment in thoughts
134 Judah Grossman-Roshchin : Personality, necessity, reality
143 Jacques Loeb: Chemical basis of generic and species characteristics, with a foreword by Boris Mikhailovich Zavadovskii
159 Z. Cejtlin: Reply to A.K. Timiryazev
168 Arkady Timiryazev: Reply to comrade Cejtlin's objection
174 V. Kirpotin: Cunow on the state
185 Semyon Vladimirovich Gingorn (1896-1937): Saint-Simonism
219 Ja. Miroschin: The 'law' of the ubyvajuscego fertility in the system of Marx's economic studies
231 F. Smidt: Dialectic of developments in art
250 Michail Pokrowski: On the benefits of critiques of absolutism, imperialism, peasant capitalism and other matters
260 A. Zalkind: Nervous marxism or pathological critique
275 I. Vajnstein: Marxist psychology or pathological marxism
283 A. Varjas: Reply comrade Milonov
290 Aleksandr Maksimov: Observation on the literature of the history of natural science and technology
302 S. Girchak: Militant materialism, coll. 1-j'
306 K.N.: Ja. Rozanov. Historical materialism
307 A. Visnevsky: I. Stepanov. Historical materialism and modern natural science
315 B. Zavadovsky: B.M. Kozo-Poljansky. New principle of biology. Article on the theory of symbiogenesis
317 Ivan Orlov: A Collection of Papers on the Problems of the Physico-mathematical
Sciences and their Teaching (Central Physico-Pedagogical Institute), ed. A. I. Baginskiy and A. A.
Maksimov, Vol. 1 (Moscow, 1924)
319 N. Rubenstein: M.N. Pokrowski. Essays on the history of the revolutionary movement
323 V. Poznjakov: Antonio Graziadei. Preis und Mehrpreis in der kapitalistischen


No. 1-2

3 Abram Deborin: Introductory remarks to N. Lenin's Conspectus of The Science of Logic
7 N. Lenin: Conspectus of Hegel’s The Science of Logic
34 I. Razumovskij: Theoretical analysis of Lenin
52 Ivan Orlov: Common sense and its ideologue
61 I. Vajnstejn: Thought and speech
74 August Thalheimer: On some main concepts of the theory of relativity from the point of view of dialectical materialism
103 Walter Cannon: Secretion of adrenaline in time of emotion. With a foreword by B.M. Zavadovsky
116 Z. Cejtlin: Hyptheses non fingo
137 Nikolai Bukharin: Imperialism and the accumulation of capital
157 I. Stepanov: What is political economy?
191 B. Lifshitz: Towards the elucidation of the theoretical fundamentals of ground-rent
210 C. Fridljand: Living corpse
226 K. Milonov: Reply to reply
237 G. Seidel: New books on the history of socialism
248 Ivan Luppol: G.V. Plekhanov. Works, volume XVII
250 Nik. Karev: B.I. Gorev. Essays on historical materialism
255 Z. Cejtlin: V.V. Savic. Foundation of human behavior
258 I. Kapitonov: Ja.A. Pileckij. Two theories of imperialism
266 Ja. Berztys: Nikolai Sukhanov. Ground-rent and the principle of land taxation

No. 3

5 Abram Deborin: Fichte and the Great French revolution
24 Grigory Bammel: Logistics and dialetics
61 Ivan Orlov: The logic of infinity and the theory of G. Cantor
75 Ivan Luppol: Russian Holbachians at the end of the 18th century
103 Z. Cejtlin: Hyptheses non fingo
128 F. Dushinsky: Darwinism and the theory of mutation
140 Nikolai Bukharin: Imperialism and the accumulation of capital
152 I. Gorsenin: Impenetrable revisionism
173 V. Kirpotin: Marx's formulation of the national question in light of Cunow
187 M. Rubenstein: Social bases of reformism
205 I. Stepanov: Dialectical understanding of nature – mechanical understanding
239 N. Vinogradskaja: A few corrections to A. Bernstein's article on Lassalle
247 N. Karev: V.F. Asmus. Dialectical materialism and logic
252 Vas. Slepkov: N.A. Gredeskul. Origin and the development of social life, volume I
256 Z. Cejtlin: A.K. Timiryazev. Physics, work I
260 B. Zavadovsky: B.M. Kozo-Poljansky. Dialectics in biology
262 K. Rozental: V. Mak Len and the league of 'Plebs'. Pocketbook of political economy
266 Editors: On the section of correspondence with readers
267 G. Bosse: Letter to editors
268 Conditions of enrolment to the Institute of Red Professors in the 1925-26 school year

No. 4

5 Abram Deborin: On Lassalle's article
11 F. Lassalle: Hegel's logic and Rosenkranz's logic and systematical bases of the Hegelian philosophy of history
38 I. Razumovskij: Philosophical-legal legacy of Lassale
69 Ivan Orlov: Logical calcalus and traditional logic
74 Z. Cejtlin: On the 'mystical' nature of light quantum
102 Vas. Slepkov: Heredity and selection in man (Apropos the theoretical presuppositions of eugenics)
123 Michail Pokrowski: On the question about the features of historical development of Russia
142 August Thalheimer: On Rosa Luxemburg's book 'Introduction to political economy'
166 I. Vajnstejn: Eclectic economics and dialectics
184 G. Seidel: Refutation of 'myth' or anarchist 'iconography'
200 M. Rubenstein: Church in modern workers' movement
215 I. Razumovskij: Letter to editors
220 Ivan Luppol: Enough acuity in every wise man (Apropos I. Razumovskij's letter to editors)
226 N. Karev: 'III Leninist compilation'
229 N. Sibirskij: 'Kerzenshev. Leninism'
230 Ivan Luppol: 'Descartes. Discours on the method'
232 C. Fridljand: 'Konrad Haenisch. Ferdinand Lassalle – person and politics'
236 Fedor Davidovich Kapeljus (1876-1945): New bourgeois and s.-d. literature on socialism
243 N. Mednikov: 'Political economy. 1. Subject and method. 2. Theory of value'
245 L. Eventov: 'A.M. Simons. Social forces in American history'

No. 5-6

5 Abram Deborin: Lenin on the essence of dialectics
14 N. Lenin: On the question of dialectics
19 On the tasks of marxism in our epoch
26 I. Razumovskij: Infantile and senile disorder in legal theory
44 B. Zavadovsky: Foreword to article on hunger
47 Walter Cannon: Nature of hunger
62 A. Karlson: Biological meaning of hunger
73 Z. Cejtlin: Hegel's physics
89 Michail Pokrowski: On the question about the features of historical development of Russia
110 B. Borilin: Lenin and the problem of imperialism
140 M. Rubenstein: Reformism and colonial politics
161 I. Fendel: Early prophet of 'organized' capitalism
198 G. Seidel: 'Neo-saint-simonism' and reformist syndicalism
215 I. Varjas: How not to write a critique
238 N. Karev: The road to calvary of philosophical criticism
265 Ja. Rozanov: Overview of literature on Saint-Simon
269 Ivan Orlov: 'F.W. Aston – J. Stark – W. Kossel. Nature of chemical forces of affinity'
271 B. Zavadovsky: The failure of the popularizer
284 F. Kapeljus: Political economy without the concept of value (Theory of Gustav Cassel)
289 N. Rubenstein: 'N. Rozhkov. Russian History in comparative-historical light'

No. 7

5 Abram Deborin: Revolution and culture
14 Grigory Bammel: Axiomatics and dialectics
31 I. Vajnstejn: Dialectics as revolutionary logic
46 K. Milonov: Do we need Hegel?
68 G. Tymjansky: J.C. Edelmann - 18th century German materialist
86 F. Dushinsky: A.K. Timiryazev as darwinist
98 Max Planck: Vom Relativen zum Absoluten. With a foreword by Z. Cejtlin
112 Jacques Loeb: Adaptation as agent and evolution. With a foreword by B. Zavadovsky
128 G. Smidt: Not out of the upper ten thousands, but out of the lower millions
134 Z. Cejtlin: Hegel's physics
152 R. Vydra: 'Riddles' of prehistoric thinking and their solution
164 V. Poznjakov: Necessary rehabilitation
198 A. Bernstein: Reply to corrections of P. Vinogradskaja
209 Ja. Rozanov: Kantianism and marxism
222 Ivan Luppol: 'N. Lenin. On the dialectical method'
226 Grigory Bammel: 'Ivan Borichesvky. Ancient and modern philosophy of science in its limiting understanding'
228 N. Karev: 'Lyster Jameson and the league of 'Plebs'. Essay on marxist psychology'
232 Ivan Orlov: 'V.K. Frederiks and A.V. Friedman. Fundamentals of the theory of relativity'
234 Vas. Slepkov: 'Morgan and Filipchenko. Whether acquired characteristics are hereditary'
237 N. Lenzner: 'N. Lukin-Anatov. Essays on the latest history of Germany'
241 G. Seidel: 'Fridljand and Slutsky. Reader on the history of Western Europe'

No. 8-9

5 N. Karev: Problem of philosophy in marxism
44 I. Stepanov: Engels and the mechanist concept of nature
73 G. Tymjansky: Spinozism in Germany and Friederich Wilhelm Stosch (Stossius)
92 B. Zavadovsky: Internal secretion and psyche
116 F. Dushinsky: Is darwinism tychogenesis?
126 S. Semkovskij: On the debate in marxism about the theory of relativity
170 Arkady Timiryazev: Reply to comrade Semkovskij
191 Experimental refutation of the principle of relativity. Foreword by A.Timiryazev.
L. Silberstein's letter 'The Relativity Theory and Ether Drift'.
Dayton Miller's article 'Ether-Drift Experiments at Mount Wilson', texts
199 Ivan Luppol: Another refutation of marxism
220 S. Monosov: Guild socialism
245 A. Visnevsky: Toward a defence of materialist dialectics
288 Ja. Rozanov: Bibliography on Hegel
302 Aleksandr Maksimov: 'A.K. Timiryazev. Natural history and dialectical materialism'
309 B. Zavadovsky: 'Heinrich Ernst Ziegler. Inner world of animals'
311 G. Seidel: 'A. Vis. Essays on the history of communism, vol. 2'
315 G. Seidel: 'V.A. Gorochov. Russian section of the First International'
317 N. Sibirskij: 'Lenin reader'

No. 10-11

5 Abram Deborin: Engels and the dialectical concept of nature
47 K. Milonov: Old wine in old bottles
64 A. Stolyarov: The failure of the popularizer
79 B. Zavadovsky: Darwinism and Lamarckism and the problem of the heredity of acquired characteristics
115 Vas. Slepkov: Human biology
143 F. Dushinsky: Neovitalist critique of biology
170 R. Vudra: On the new 'communist' revelation
183 G. Seidel: History and modernity
198 Ivan Orlov: Music and class struggle
238 N. Lukin-Anatov: Apropos one review
244 Ja. Rozanov: Bibliography on Hegel
261 N. Karev: New atheist pamphlet
263 Vas. Slepkov: 'V.L.Komarov. Lamarck. Biographic liberary'
266 S. Monosov: 'A.G. Prigogine. Gracchus Babeuf'
270 V. Poznjakov: 'Karl Menger. Grundsätze der Volkswirtschaftslejre. 2. Auflage'
274 To the editors
274 Letter to editors

No. 12

5 Michail Pokrowski: Two armed revolts (1825-1905)
17 Ivan Luppol: Material and documents from the history of materialism in Russia. Extract out of Holbach's 'The System of Nature'
36 G. Tymjansky: Anonymous 18th century materialist
56 Arkady Timiryazev: Apropos J. J. Thomson's article 'Structure of light'
57 J. J. Thomson. Structure of light
72 A. Bartenev: On the question of old and new directions in biology
89 László Rudas: Graziadei, political economist and communist of god's grace
119 A. Voznesenskij : On the question of the understanding of the category of abstract labour
143 V. Poznjakov: At the source of the labor theory of value
164 N. Tokin: On the question of the origin of religious beliefs
179 V. Sarabjanov: On a few controversial problems of dialectics
197 Ivan Luppol: 'V.I. Bosko. Essays on the development of legal thought (From Hammurabi to Lenin)'
199 F. Dushinsky: 'B.M. Kozo-Poljansky. Darwinism or the theory of natural selection. Outline'
202 V. Slepkov: 'Reginald Gates. Heredity and eugenics'
205 V. Nabatov: 'Alexander G. Goichbarg. Comparative family law'
207 S. Monosov: 'Albert Mathiez. The French Revolution, vol. I'
210 N. Sargin: 'Rosa Luxemburg. Introduction to political economy'


Noa Rodman
Jan 27 2011 23:26

Updated all titles and finally added translation for the 1925 issues.

The German sister magazine of Под знаменем марксизма, Unter Dem Banner Der Marxismus (1925-1936), has it seems translated and republished some of these articles, but also many others interesting on their own. Available online for instance is Lapinski's Sozialstaat: Etappen und Tendenzen seiner Entwicklung, on which Wolfgang Müller und Christel Neusüß based alot of their critique.

edit; Wolfson's article from 1924, 8-9 is of course in Portuguese embarrassed
That site has many other interesting articles, like Trotsky's 1900 article against Nietzsche.