[VIDEO] Satisfying Answers on Socialism: An Open Letter to Destiny

A response to the debate on socialism between YouTuber Destiny and author/professor Ben Burgis, from a libertarian-socialist / libertarian-communist perspective. Topics covered:

1. Are capitalists immoral?
2. Can socialism overcome incentives to destroy the environment?
3. Will widespread ignorance continue in socialism?
4. Can socialism provide a strong, thriving economy?

Also: Marx gets a makeover! (In the literal, not revisionist sense!)



Oct 6 2019 08:14


Oct 6 2019 10:57

There should be more of these videos as they are concise,humorous and not patronising like middle class verbiage that alienates and mystifies potential working class recruits.
Well done Lucky Black Cat!

Noah Fence
Oct 6 2019 20:19

There will be many more, of that I’m certain!