What was the USSR? - Aufheben


May 7 2010 18:41

just a quick note because these four articles are now collated together, they are also now all nicely formatted with proper footnotes etc. It's interesting stuff, recommended.

May 7 2010 19:46

Are there PDF files of these "What was the USSR?" articles?

May 7 2010 20:18

no, but or Joseph Kay might be able to get them if you needed them

May 11 2010 05:57

I really, really, loved this series of articles and I don't know if I ever would have read them if it wasn't for libcom. Thanks!

May 11 2010 16:49

You dork!

No, thanks for your comment - I thought these were really good as well, and much more interesting and practical and I thought they would be.

Sep 7 2013 19:09

I would love to get a PDF of this. It's hard for me to read long essays on a screen.

Joseph Kay
Sep 7 2013 21:30

We should have a print view option, but at the moment the easiest way to get a nice pdf would be to view the page in something like Instapaper (which gives a nice clean magazine style layout), then print it to pdf (cute pdf is a decent free pdf creator).

Sep 9 2013 22:04

Readability (which comes as an easy to use plugin for Chrome) converts articles to a clean layout and from there there are options to send to Kindle or save as an epub. The only issue is that footnotes aren't included. I don't know if that's a limitation of Readability (and tools like it) or if libcom articles' markup semantics can be improved somehow...? Be amazing if the footnotes were hyperlinks within the epub, for example.

FYI I tried out Instapaper on Part 1 and it only converted a single quoted paragraph.

Oct 7 2013 16:16

PDF added, but it's pretty basic. If someone wants to add one with a little more design, be my guest.

Juan Conatz
Jul 18 2015 18:27

FYI, thoughtcrime ink has compiled this into a book, which you can buy here: https://thoughtcrimeink.com/books/detail/what_was_the_ussr

May 15 2016 11:47

Excellent stuff.

May 15 2016 19:09

Definitely worth a read