Wildcat journal (UK)

Wildcat journal (UK)

Partial online archive of the magazine of the UK communist group Wildcat, published in the 1980s and 1990s.

The Wildcat group had various phases.

Early 80s: A free 2-sided news sheet produced by a temporary collective made up of dissident members of the autonomous Manchester Solidarity Group and similar dissident members of the Manchester local ICC (World Revolution) group plus a couple of local anarchist communists.

Mid 80s: a large format newspaper. Issues 1-10 are partly digitised at The Sparrows Nest.

A text dated March 1988 about a split in the group appears in Communist Bulletin #13 (p33). Some members of Wildcat then formed Subversion.

Late 80s: Issues 11-14 were produced in London. The "anti-democracy" phase.

1990s: From issue 15 onwards Wildcat developed an anti-civilisation ("primitivist") position which culminated in an "abandonment of Marxism" in issue 17.

2000s: After the publication of the final issue (#18), Wildcat was based in America. The online texts by the remaining member became increasingly controversial and reactionary (for example promoting the work of Gilad Atzmon and David Irving).

(The group were internationalists and called Wildcat and not "Wildcat UK". There is another, different, internationalist communist group called Wildcat which is based in Germany and known for convenience on Libcom as Wildcat (Germany).)


Dec 23 2018 10:51

Fozzie, Thanks for putting up these issues and the useful linked material which fills in some of the missing items in my hard copy library.

Dec 23 2018 12:45

You are very welcome Mike - a bit of scanning is quite therapeutic on a hangover wink

I also have #17 and #18 and will reread them eventually and see if they are worth scanning and including here.

If anyone can do a better job then me in describing the various phases of Wildcat above, please edit and amend...

I'm not sure where we stand on linking to the wildcat.international site as some of the later (post- #18) articles are pretty dodgy...

Dec 23 2018 15:24

How's that for serendipity? Just popped over to Libcom to find a link for the Wildcat magazine 'cos I just cut and pasted an article from the January 2018 issue of the Socialist Standard which is based on an old Wildcat article, and this is the first thing I see.

Socialist Standard article: Feed the World: Overthrow Capitalism

Cheers for making it easy for me.

Dec 26 2018 15:17

OK I've updated the summary of the group/publication above and added the later issues too - with disclaimers where necessary.

Dec 27 2018 12:04

A good summary Fozzie even if it can't fully explain the various more subtle differences of opinion within each phase. Personally I think that ''..remaining member..'' was an unreliable 'loose cannon' all along! but then I'm sure some would have their criticism of my past role in all that as well.