After mass protests against election fraud, Moscow anarchists are targeted with repressions

This far five of the persons charged for rioting after events of "March
of the millions" 6th of May in Moscow, two are known anarchist
activists. Of them, Alexandra Dukhanina is in home arrest, and Stepan
Zimin was remanded today until 8th of August.

Alexandra Dukhanina may face up to 8 years in prison for participation
to "March of the millions" 6th of May in Moscow

5th of June lawyer of Alexandra Dukhanina, Aleksandr Arutyunov told
journalists, that his client has now been offically charged with
"participation to riots" and "use of violence against a government
official". "Currently Dukhanina was charged with statutes 318 ("use of
violence against government official") and 212 part 3 ("incitement to
riot) of Russian criminal codex. Now charges according to 318 are
remaining, but incitement charges were dropped - Dukhanina is now
charged according to 212 part 3 ("participation to a riot").

Dukhanina has participated to actions of anarchist and Оccupy movement
in Moscow. She is now under a house arrest. Second lawyer Dmitry
Yefremov said, that whereas his client was faced with a threat of two
years in prison, now her charges may mean from three to eight years of
prison. Dukhanina was arrested in end of may. She was the first regular
participator of the "March of the millions", threatened with charges
which may result a major prison sentence.

Defence of Dukhanina is insisting, that it is illegal to charge her
according to both 318 and 212 part 2. She may not be held responsible
for the very same actions, charged with two different statutes.
Investigation should choose either of the two statutes, and charge her

"March of the millions", which ended with a fight with the riot police
and mass arrests, took place 6th of May in Moscow. According to official
information, around eight thousand people took part - correspondents of
foreign media estimated 20 000. 450 were arrested. Dozens of
participators were seriously wounded due to baton charges of the police.

Later on, two more participators got arrested - Maksim Luzyanin and
Andrey Barabanov. Both of them are remanded until 6th of July. Barabanov
is vegan, and police also claims that he has links to anarchist and
anti-fascist movements. However this has been denied by his friends and

Investigators are promising more arrests to come.

More photos of Alexandra in court:

Photo of her arrest 6th of May:

Instructions on how to donate for lawyer costs via Anarchist Black Cross
of Moscow:

original in Russian:

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Investigation committee claims a student-reenactor is a terrorist

8th of june, investigation committee of Russian Federation announced,
that home of 20 year old Stepan Zimin, who was detained as a suspect of
having taken part to a riot at Bolotnaya square 6th of May was searched.
According to police, a walkie-talkie, ski-mask, molotov cocktail and
several passports were found. Stepan himself told his lawyer, Denis
Deryukin, that during search only his own passport and army documents of
his former flatmate were found. What comes to "molotov cocktail", he
said that it was just a bottle of acetone. Zimin is a student of Russian
State Humanitarian University, and acetone is necessary to clean up his
reenactement regalia. It is not illegal to own masks and walkie-talkies
in Russia.

Defence lawyer also told, that an OMON riot police officer had given
testimony, claiming to recognise that Zimin threw him with pieces of
asphalt, and also broke his finger. Stepan is has not admitted being
guilty, and he states that he did not took part of the rioting.

Stepan was among hundreds of other peoples, who got arrested 6th of may.
He was originally charged with a misdemeanor according to statute 19.3
of the Russian Administrative Codex, and attempts of investigative
committee to charge him with a felony are illegal, as it is not allowed
to charge one according to both misdemeanor and felony charges.

Just as arrested Alexandra Dukhanina, Stepan Zimin is a participator of
anarchist and anti-fascist movements, Occupy-movement and also movement
to defend forests of the Moscow region.

On sunday 10th it was announced, that court has decided to remand Zimin
until 8th of August.

Three other persons, Alexandra Dukhanina, Andrey Barabanov and Maksim
Luzyanin, have already been charged with "participation to riot" and
"violence against government official". Dukhanina is under a house
arrest, Barabanov and Luzyanin are in remand prison. Investigation
committee is has promised that more arrests will follow.
Additional information: +7 985 247 2065 (Moscow group of Autonomous Action)

Instructions on how to donate for lawyer costs via Anarchist Black Cross
of Moscow:

Original in Russian:

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