Alexey Polikhovich - third anarchist, remanded for 6th of May riots in Moscow

27th of July, Basmanniy district court of Moscow remanded Alexey
Polikhovich for one month. He is 16th suspect for participating to
rioting in Bolotnaya square 6th of May 2012, in day of inauguration of
Vladimir Putin. He was third arrested anarchist - Aleksandra Dukhanina
has been in a house arrest since 29th of May, Stepan Zimin has been in
remand prison since 9th of July.

Alexey Polikhovich was arrested in the
evening of 25th of July, his house was searched and his computer was
confiscated. Investigative committee of the Russian Federation is
suspecting Alexey of having committed crimes according to parts 2 and 3
of the statute 212 of the criminal codex of the Russian
Federation.(calls for and participation to a riot), and part 1 of the
statute 318 of the criminal codex of the Russian Federation (violence
against a representative of authority). Investigative committee
presented witness statements of police, who attacked permitted
demonstration, who claimed that Polikhovich was de-arresting people that
day, and also a photograph of a masked person, whom they claimed to be

Investigator also read a written testimony from "E center", that
Polikhovich "is a member and has connections in extremist organisations".

According to defence, prosecution has no case, and also presented a
positive characteristics from his current workplace.

Alexey Polikhovich is 21 years old, he was conscripted to Northern
Fleet (his photograph attached to this article is from his time in
service). Currently Alexey is studying in Russian State Social
University of Moscow in a conflictology program (he finished first year
of his studies), and is working as a courier.

Polikhovich was part of the anarchist blocs during all the main
oppositional actions during the winter, he joined Occupy in Moscow after
inauguration of Putin, and also participated to defence of the Cagovsky
forest in Moscow region. He was detained 6th of May.

Additional information: +7-985-247-20-65 (Moscow group of Autonomous

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