Belgrade: anarchists arrested; state attorney seeks international terrorism charge

Belgrade: anarchists arrested; state attorney seeks international terrorism charge

A group of six anarchists arrested under suspicion being connected with Black Elijah (Crni Ilija), which took responsibility for the 24th August molotov attack on the Greek embassy in Belgrade.

The anarchists are members of the Sindikalna konfederacija Anarho-sindikalistička inicijativa (Union Confederation Anarcho-Syndicalist Initiative) which is affiliated to the International Workers' Association (IWA-AIT). The IWA-AIT Secretariat has made the following statement:

We are informing you that members of the Union Confederation “Anarcho-syndicalist initiative”, Ratibor Trivunac (who is currently delegated to the duty of IWA-AIT General Secretary), Tadej Kurepa and Ivan Vulovic have been arrested today (September, 3rd) under the fabricated charges of “causing general public danger”, after they were forcefully taken in for interrogation by the police. It is yet unconfirmed if other comrades were arrested.

We are trying to get in contact with their lawyers and to establish what are the exact charges against them and their legal status. We will keep you informed of the developments.

The IWA Secretariat can be reached by usual email address and phone number."

IWA-AIT Secretariat,
Belgrade, 3rd September 2009

The media later reported that the arrested are Ratibor Trivunac, Tadej Kurepa, Ivan Vulović, Sanja Đokić, Ivan Savić and Nikola Mitrović. The judge will do hearings today and also decide about charges. State attorney has asked for them to be charged with the criminal act of international terrorism (3-15 years of prison).


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The key bit of information in the update was that police claim they have DNA evidence implicating the suspects.

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I found any name on bugmenot to login.
Newspaper from Serbia published info that arrested anarchists got one month of custody (pre trial detention) with excuse that "they can have influence on eyewitness or investigation". Of course, investigation is finished and no one knows eyewitness so of course they are kept in custody in order to be tortured. serbian custody is like in the middle age (living conditions) and prisoners are very violent. The main prisoners in cells are cooperators of administration in torturing of others and they do it in order to get privileges inside (for example, shower is 2x per week, but the main prisoners in cells get warm water from guards every evening). so, every new prisoner is pushed to clean toilet, to wash dishes of others, to clean cell, etc. 12 people are sleeping in 30m2. if people in cell get someone who is too strong for them and he don't want to do what they say, whole cell apply at prison guard to move him in other cell so they can get new "worker". it is so first 2-3 weeks, or even more, then come someone new and he is new victim. longer time in prison means better position. it is rule there. of course, those who are target for secret agency, they will be very possibly attacked, not only pushed to work.

but I explained all of this, detailed, in order that all of you understand that imprisoned people have very bad time now and it will not be stopped until they are free. therefore people should organized actions of solidarity and support demonstrations. if there are very much trouble for the state, they can't judge them so easy. lawyers should contact medias all the time and explain what's happen and anarchists should make actions and demos. if it is so very often, judge will have problem to judge them, or at least judge could refuse advice of politicians (secret agency) how to judge them.

Sep 5 2009 22:47

This page isn't finished yet, but please send a protest letter through this page (better before the end of the weekend).

Also, you can read ASI's statement on it.

Sep 6 2009 02:23

I tried to use the website to send a protest letter but it said my remarks were invalid. I doubt this had to do with the content of my message wink

Sep 6 2009 07:23

I succeeded to send protest letter, just I would recommend you to delete from time to time "log of signatorees" because the state can take it (they can do it without your knowledge if they visit or call your internet provider/server where is placed website, even if server is anarchist one, server can be "hacked" by internet provider, police did it in 2005 with Inventati server in Italy). you can send information to ASI, and then you can delete content of log file, so authorities could not catch our IP addresses.

and just to mention that solidarity actions for Greek comrade had effect:
On the eve of Thursday, 27.8, Thodoros Iliopoulos was ordered free by the Council of Misdemeanors. His detention has been replaced by restrictive orders including a ban on exiting the country and the obligation to appear to a local police station twice a month.
Yesterday’s demonstration in Athens, demanding his release, took place as planned, with a celebratory tone.
Thodoros is free; a great victory for him and his solidarity movement. Now we need to keep up this struggle, to demand that all his charges are dropped.
Until all are free!

Sep 6 2009 14:20

I had changed the text, and that is what caused the problem. If you leave as-is, then the e-mail works.

Sep 6 2009 17:29

FK - Thanks for your advice, you are right. We will take out this info and just let ASI people know who sent things.

Some people changed the text with no problem. I am not a tech person, but I informed the person maintaining it so he can check it.

This is the first time we are trying this, so it's in the experimental phase.

Sep 8 2009 20:30

Picket of Serbian Embassy,

28 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8QB

(near Hyde Park Corner & Knightsbridge tube stations)

Friday, September 11th, Noon – 2pm

(see details and leaflet at: