Cleaners' subhiring company smashed in Thessaloniki

Protesters attack and smash slavedriver's offices in Salonica in solidarity to the cleaners' struggle and the plight of K. Kouneva.

On Saturday 4/4 protestors attacked the offices of Ecological Ltd., a partner of the OIKOMET directed subhiring trust that has been letting cleaners to hospitals, universities and civil services in Thessaloniki. OIKOMET has been denounced as responsible for the December attack with sulphuric acid against the gen. secretary of the autonomous union of Athens cleaners (PEKOP), K. Kouneva who is still struggling for her life in hospital. The protesters that destroyed the company offices claim that the subcontracting company has signed a 25m Euros job with the university of Salonica whose Rectors HQs are still under occupation by students demanding the immediate end to all economic transactions with the company and the hiring of cleaners as permanent university staff.

At the same time, a week after the mass general strike that immobilised the country, greece is still under the grip of the continuing labour struggle of herders, weavers and hospital workers.
More particularly, the weavers of Lanaras industry are already in their 5th day of camping outside the Miistry of Economics in Athens demanding 6 months of unpaid salaries. Meanwhile, herders have once again taken to the center of the greek capital, this time distributing free milk to bystanders as a protest to government neglect over their sector. The new week begun with an escalation of the struggle of hospital workers, who are staging a chain of 3-hour stoppages and protest marches in Athens demanding permanent employment in the understaffed national medical system of the country.

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Apr 6 2009 08:19


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