Hackney school teachers to strike

Hackney school teachers to strike

Teachers at Cardinal Pole school in East London are set to strike this week over suspected victimisation of a union rep.

Last week Hackney NUT announced that staff at Cardinal Pole secondary school would strike on Thursday 21 July. The NUT rep at the school was suspended 'allegedly as a result of community work he does in his own time'.

Local NUT members suspect that the rep, Peter Domokos, is being pursued because of case work he is undertaking on behalf of workmates and his investigation into serious allegations against mamagement. The school previously had no NUT rep and previous reps had complained 'that they were bullied and harrassed by management', said Hackney NUT.

88% of NUT members at the school said they were 'prepared to take sustained and discontinuous strike action in protest against the victimisation and suspension of the NUT representative'. Recently over 50 staff, union and non-union signed a vote of no-confidence in the school's headteacher, and this vote was barred from discussion at a governors' meeting.

EDIT, PLEASE NOTE - strike was called off on the afternoon of 18 July. See comment #3 below.

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I'll follow this and try to update if there's any changes before Thursday.

Chilli Sauce
Jul 17 2011 19:03

Thanks Choccy. Keep us updated.

Jul 19 2011 12:02

Strike called off.

"Yesterday afternoon the NUT reached a settlement with the headteacher at Cardinal Pole.
Peter Domokos, the Rep will be reinstated, he will take an oral warning and there will be no further disciplinary action. The school at first refused to lift the suspension and wanted a full disciplinary hearing.
The NUT understands that Peter and the members are happy with this settlement and the strike for this Thursday will be called off.
The NUT will met the head on Friday. From September the NUT will have a series of meetings with the head and Diocese of Westminster. These meetings will deal with the range of issues Peter was raising when he was suspended. These meetings will also address the issues which were the subject of the vote of No Confidence in the Head."

Rob Ray
Jul 19 2011 13:54

Not perfect but better than nowt, nice one!