Jeff Monson set to fight in UK again

Jeff Monson set to fight in UK again

MMA fighter and anarchist Jeff Monson is to fight again in the UK later this year.

Monson is set to return to the UK in May to fight for a second time in Cage Wars, against an as yet unnamed opponent. The fight card for the event is yet to be confirmed but Monson is expected to headline the event again, this time in Birmingham.

The openly political Monson was last year was charged over an alleged November 2008 graffiti incident on the Capitol Building and an army recruitment centre in Olympia, Washington, USA. Monson, was arrested initially in January. Authorities claim that the graffiti, which included circle-As, a peace symbol and phrases such as "no poverty" and "no war", cost apparently $19,000 to clean up. In October was ordered to serve 90 days of work release while on electronic home monitoring, a punishment that will allow him to work to pay off the $21,894 in restitution.

Monson pleaded guilty last summer to first-degree malicious mischief and second-degree malicious mischief for vandalism as part of a plea deal in exchange for the sentencing recommendation.

Monson has used fight press-conferences to criticise the US military presence in Iraq, and has been vocal about his wish to see the state and class society abolished. Monson had been involved with IWW in his home state, and last year, took time out before his fight at Cage Wars in Belfast to talk to local anarchists and fight fans about sport and politics. In previous years Jeff has met with anarchists in Manchester Solidarity Federation and CNT-Vignoles in Paris.

This time last year saw Monson on a seven-fight winning streak, including a previous UK appearance at Cage Wars where he defeated Lithuanian Sergej Maslobojev with a trademark choke in the second round. His winning streak was ended in September by Pedro Rizzo but Monson got back to form last month, defeating Jimmy Brown by points decision at 5150 Combat League / Xtreme Fighting League in Tulsa, Oklahoma. His next opponent is Bryan Vetell in Dubai tomorrow.

[edit - this fight never came to pass, he has not fought at Cage Wars since March 2009]

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Feb 21 2010 00:29

i love that photo

The Angry Anarchist
Feb 22 2010 02:04

I love Jeff Monson. There is a good example of a successful man (not just in MMA, but he also has a psychology degree) who still sees anarchism as the best option.... the world just loves imagining all anarchists are dread-locked, trouble-makers. Shame lol

Admin: Stop spamming

The Angry Anarchist
Feb 22 2010 17:48

How is it spamming? You write a comment, and sign it with ur name and an address which is you. A tiny bit of promotion? Yes. Spamming? No.... spamming is running through the whole board just dropping links.

Again, I always say it. For a group of people that hate rules, you certainly have a lot. Its disgusting to be honest.


Feb 22 2010 18:18
For a group of people that hate rules, you certainly have a lot. Its disgusting to be honest.

Could THE ANGRY ANARCHIST be the one to step into the infinte void left by the banning of THE OUTLAW?
Big shoes to fill I know, but theres definitely potential here.

We got our pictures taken with Monson for the 1st issue of The Leveller. When it came out someone saw it and asked Deezer why we had got our photo taken with Johnny Adair.

Feb 22 2010 18:12

we don't hate rules, we are against capitalism.

If you have a blog or something, you can link to it from your profile. If someone is interested in the things you say they will click on your profile and can see it there.

This website is a resource for radical workers, not radical spammers.

The Angry Anarchist
Feb 22 2010 18:28

So capitalism is your only dislike? If capitalism disappears u'll be fine?

The Angry Anarchist
Feb 22 2010 18:39

PS. Nobody was trying to spam, thats my point. Every other forum allows for signatures, this one didn't, so I added my own beneath my name, wheres the harm in that?

And as far as being an "OUTLAW", those shoes would be hard to fill Im sure..... better get to work.

Feb 22 2010 18:40

we have explained the rules. We would like it if you would abide by them and stick around.

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The Angry Anarchist
Feb 22 2010 18:44

Agreed, but I don't like it Steven, not one bit.... wink

Feb 22 2010 20:00

Monson won his grappling match last weekend at the US Grappling Qualifiers against Vetell to qualify for the World Wrestling Games in Turkey.

The Angry Anarchist
Feb 23 2010 01:14

How dare you Weeler!

Mar 31 2010 15:30

won his fight against Nanato this month then proposed in the ring, bizarre!