May Day 2012 - discussion and updates

#Occupy Mayday strike poster

May 1, International Workers Day. Please post your accounts and updates of workers' events today in the comments below.

See this article for a short history of Mayday as International Workers Day.

And see this thread for discussion of organising of the #occupy Mayday general strike attempt.

One of our users, Soapy, in particular is going to try and keep track of the events:

Well, I'm out of the country, but I'm gonna try and keep track of all the mayday activities. Here's what I've seen so far.

Businesses cars and police station vandalized in San Francisco

Please let us know what is happening in your area!

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May 1 2012 08:13


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May 1 2012 09:43

Soapy, thanks very much for helping with this, look forward to your updates! (I'm trying to make this the lead article but having some technical problems with the new theme)

May 1 2012 10:17

My pleasure

May 1 2012 12:12

A Worker's Memorial Day Rally, has been held in Manchester, to remember all the workers who have died in industrial accidents cos not attention has been paid by employers to health and safety issues.

There was a march from the CIS Buildings to Albert Square.

May 1 2012 12:39

reports of pickets and marches across NYC

May 1 2012 14:36

main march in NY is swelling in numbers constantly with a few other marches still going around the city. Cops have just repelled protesters trying to storm a Chase bank. Also, Tom Morello is going to lead something called a "guitarmy" at 2pm.

May 1 2012 14:40

Cops are being pushy in NY, keeping everyone on the sidewalk. Ferry service in San Francisco has been shut down due to ferry workers going on strike.

May 1 2012 14:49

Machinists at a Caterpillar plant in Joliet, Illinois have walked off the job this morning after their contract expired at midnight,0,866921.story

May 1 2012 14:57

protester tackled and arrested for jaywalking in NY

May 1 2012 15:02

the Nazi demo in Neumünster/Germany did not take place because the most of the arriving Nazis left the train at the wrong railway station

May 1 2012 15:11

Front page news across America

"Five suspects, some of whom describe themselves as anarchists, were arrested after allegedly conspiring to blow up a bridge near Cleveland, the FBI said Tuesday."

May 1 2012 15:42

students in the portland public schools system have gone on strike.

The occupation of the golden gate bridge has been cancelled due to police closure of the bridge. The police claim that they closed the bridge because of a traffic accident.

May 1 2012 15:54

From Quebec: Early May Day successes: Las CLASSE reports Cegep de Sherbrooke (for the 3rd time) and Cegep de Maisonneuve closed down by mass demos despite court injuctions! Put that in your pipe and smoke it judge!

Black Badger
May 1 2012 16:00

Regardless of the union bosses trying to cancel the bridge action, the cops and CHP are all over both sides of the bridge.

Joseph Kay
May 1 2012 16:04

Reports of roaming workfare demo shutting down McDonalds and BHS in London:

May 1 2012 16:11
Soapy wrote:
Front page news across America

"Five suspects, some of whom describe themselves as anarchists, were arrested after allegedly conspiring to blow up a bridge near Cleveland, the FBI said Tuesday."

Now this is just plain stupid. I mean, the news itself. I have my serious doubts when it comes to "covert agents".

May 1 2012 16:26
May 1 2012 16:46

Having read that CNN report it sounds like they were set up. But having read comments before I wouldn't be surprised if there was a grain of truth in it...

May 1 2012 16:55

the fucking sucks. everybody's mayday activities in my town have been cancelled.

Chilli Sauce
May 1 2012 17:17

Any more updates from the workfare pickets?

May 1 2012 18:43

David Ferraira wrote on twitter:

"#Turin major had to be escorted by riot police during May Day event, manic street clashes.#Italy#NoTav"

"in a previous video I shared, looked like some union marshals were pointing out NoTav protesters to police"

Chilli Sauce wrote:
Any more updates from the workfare pickets?

It seems to be over just looking at twitter.

Mayday Workfare Demos Shut Ox St. Stores - report

May 1 2012 19:42

May Day in Lexington, KY was not that great, it mainly consisted of people socializing outside of the main branch of the Chase Bank. There is supposed to be a bigger rally at a UBS bank for their support of coal, but I had to miss that.

May 1 2012 20:09

Incredibly petty "sick-outs" ftw! Nothing is happening where I am as far as I can tell. I am withdrawing my labor in a personal capacity though neutral

May 1 2012 22:03

just got back from the Amsterdam mayday march, police kettled the march minutes after it began. The police then sent in undercover snatch squads who made violent arrests while police began hitting demonstrators with batons. Local residents gathered around the kettle and after the kettle ended many locals joined the march.

alan on tyneside
May 1 2012 22:10

Boston MA; I can't remember being able to find any black & red flags or banners from Boston last year.

May 1 2012 22:34

Cross post from the Quebec thread.

The May Day demo in Montreal has started now and has been declared illegal apparently with reports of tear gas and rubber bullets. Shit loads of riots police. Follow the hastag #manifencours on twitter.

Black Bloc taunting police with donuts lol!

May 1 2012 22:35

huge march underway in NY, anarchists have made smashy smashy in Seattle. Reports of some kind of tank seen on the streets of San Francisco and Oakland