New Zealand: Brackenridge Estate strike - day two

New Zealand: Brackenridge Estate strike - day two

Care workers for intellectually disabled adults are on strike at the state run Brackenridge Estate facility in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The second day of the strike at Brackenridge Estate, a Ministry Of Health run complex for the care of intellectually disabled adults, saw around 40 workers and their supporters on the picket lines, under shade from the 30 degree plus heat. Friday, the first day of the 48 hour strike, saw around 100 people on the lines.

The Brackenridge workers do not receive any overtime rates despite frequently working extra shifts to cover staffing shortages. They also do not receive any evening rates and only a minimal weekend allowance. Most of the 140 striking workers are members of the National Union of Public Employees, with some members of the NZ Nurses Organisation.

On Friday, a plumbing contractor showed his solidarity with the striking workers by refusing to cross the picket line. Saturday afternoon saw a scab, not-so-affectionately nicknamed Wayne "The Wanker" speed down the driveway into the Estate at an estimated 80km/h, almost hitting a young girl in the process.

Photos: Day 2

Links: Callout for support | National Union of Public Employees | NZ Nurses Organisation

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