campaign statement about the accused

In February 2018, a campaign was launched in Russia to support those
accused in the Network case. Among the main goals of the campaign were
fundraising for legal costs, organizing humanitarian support for the
arrested and offering support to their relatives.

The resources gathered have so far been distributed according to the financial circumstances of
the respective families and the needs of the arrested. Further financial
support is being distributed according to the choices made by those the
arrested throughout the investigation.

Currently two of the accused, Igor Shishkin, and Yegor Zorin, are firmly
siding with the investigation.

Igor Shishkin has not filed a torture complaint, although traces of
torture were reported on his body by the independent Public Oversight
Committee (ONK). He has signed agreement prior to being present in
court, which means that he has fully admitted his guilt. He is actively
cooperating in the investigation of the criminal case, and also giving
testimony against other suspects. If the case by the prosecution is
substantiated with the testimony given by Shishkin, his sentence will be
reduced (as defined in the chapter 5 of the statute 317.7 of Russian
Codex of Criminal Prosecution, UPK RF). Igor is the only accused to have
been visited by official Russian Ombudsman for human rights Tatyana
Moskalkova, but he did not report any torture during the visit. Since
then he has sided with the prosecution during a cross-interrogation with
another defendant. This position is detrimental to co-defendants, and
results in additional pressure for everyone struggling for themselves
and for justice.

Yegor Zorin, in the autumn of 2017, after being tortured, admitted his
guilt and has cooperated with the investigation ever since. He never
filed a torture complaint.

In the framework of the support campaign, we do not consider it possible
to support defendants cooperating with the investigation, against the
interests of the other co-defendants. Thus, financial support for these
defendants is not provided from the common fund. In case you want to
support Shishkin, you may do so via his relatives (link).
All the defendants in the case, Shishkin and Zorin included, have been
tortured and manipulated by the authorities. We are ready to provide
support for Shishkin and Zorin, when they choose to take part in a
collective strategy of defense, instead of an individual one.

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