Street parties greet news of Thatcher's death

Street parties greet news of Thatcher's death

Hundreds gather in spontaneous celebrations in London, Glasgow and Bristol on the day former Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's death was announced.

Although there had been talk for some years of gatherings to take place after the passing of the former Conservative leader, as the event happened people emerged onto the streets rather quickly.

In London hundreds of people took over the street in Brixton as soundsystems played dub and 80s tunes. Riot police and dogs were deployed as revellers attempted to party in the street later in the evening...

...but not before the famous RItzy cinema sign was detourned.

Meanwhile in Scotland, hundreds gathered to drink, dance, and let off smoke bombs in a Glasgow square...

While in Easton, Bristol, crowds took over the streets for an impromptu party, lighting fires and chanting 'Maggie Maggie Maggie, dead dead dead'. One police officer was hospitalised when riot police attempted to break up the celebrations...

There were also reports of celebrations in Leeds.

A party is reportedly planned for London's Trafalgar Square on Saturday 13th April 2013.

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Apr 9 2013 09:22


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Apr 9 2013 10:23

Party planned in Liverpool the day of the funeral too smile

Apr 9 2013 11:07

Incredibly proud of my Glaswegian comrades, who danced in the streets and drank Wetherspoons out of alcohol, making their merry way onto the website of the Guardian and the Daily Mail

Apr 9 2013 12:57

Hahaa great! If one really has to build parties, then do it like this grin

Apr 9 2013 13:28
Apr 9 2013 16:18

NUM publish an obituary

Mark Fisher writes about Thatcher's death

Lynne Segal writes about Thatcher's ideology which still hasn't died, and explains why she certainly fucking wasn't a feminist

Some women have argued that it was Thatcher who provided the best role model for helping women release their true potential. No she did not. She was the perfect role model for the ever deepening gulf between women, as the privileged few have been able to rise to the very heights of political or corporate power, even as the majority of women, affected at every turn by the rolling back of welfare and the politics of individual success she promoted, are ever more firmly left at the bottom of the heap.

Apr 9 2013 16:21

And Angry Women Of Liverpool talk about how you can insult the fuck out of Thatcher without indulging misogyny

Apr 9 2013 19:42
Ramona wrote:
And Angry Women Of Liverpool talk about how you can insult the fuck out of Thatcher without indulging misogyny

very useful, except...

be aware that people who hear you using those insults on Thatcher without first seeing you use them on Cameron will be perfectly justified in assuming misogyny

no, no they won't.

Chilli Sauce
Apr 10 2013 07:28

I know some of those faces....

Apr 10 2013 09:01

Has anyone attempted any kind of 'Thatcher's dead but her class war policies are alive and well' style leaflet?

Flava O Flav
Apr 10 2013 10:20

There was a bit of a party in some areas of Dublin too.

Apr 11 2013 21:24
Therefore, if I want to know why someone would celebrate the death of Baroness Thatcher, I think asking a Chilean in exile would be a great place to start. My friend of a friend took to the streets of the UK when she heard that the Iron Lady had left her mortal coil. Here is why:

I'm telling [my daughter] all about the Thatcher legacy through her mother's experience, not the media's; especially how the Thatcher government directly supported Pinochet's murderous regime, financially, via military support, even military training (which we know now, took place in Dundee University). Thousands of my people (and members of my family) were tortured and murdered under Pinochet's regime—the fascist beast who was one of Thatcher's closest allies and friend. So all you apologists/those offended [by my celebration]—you can take your moral high ground & shove it. YOU are the ones who don't understand. Those of us celebrating are the ones who suffered deeply under her dictatorship and WE are the ones who cared. We are the ones who protested. We are the humanitarians who bothered to lift a finger to help all those who suffered under her regime. I am lifting a glass of champagne to mourn, to remember and to honour all the victims of her brutal regime, here AND abroad. And to all those heroes who gave a shit enough to try to do something about it.

Why Would Anyone Celebrate the Death of Margaret Thatcher? Ask a Chilean