Urban guerrilla offensive in Athens

anti-terrorist police amongst the rubble of Golden Dawn headquarters

An urban guerrilla offensive seems to be underway in Athens with two major bomb attacks within the last 48 hours, one against the headquarters of the neo-nazi party Golden Dawn, and one against the Police Directorship for Immigrants.

In less than 48 hours two major bombs have hit Athens, marking what seems to be an urban guerrilla spring offensive in the greek capital.

The first bomb exploded a little after 8:00 a.m. on Friday 19 March at the headquarters of Chrisi Avgi (Golden Dawn) the neo-nazi party of greece, an organisation responsible for countless murder attempts, arson attacks and pogroms against immigrants, leftists and anarchists. The group is led by Mr Mihaloliakos a convicted bomber who founded the Golden Dawn in the early 1980s under the direct orders of the imprisoned head of the colonels junta, Georgios Papadopoulos. The daily Eleftherotypia has published documents of Mr Mihaloliakos salary details in the service of EYP, the greek secret services. The bomb that hit the offices on Sokratous street had been pre-announced to the daily Eleftherotypia, giving 20 minutes to evacuate the building and the near by hotel. The bomb, which has been estimated by the police as "very strong" but with a slow diffusion as to minimise the blast wave that could damage near-by buildings, has demolished the officers, creating a crater through the concrete floor and leaving none but cement columns standing. To this moment no urban guerrilla group has claimed responsibility for the attack which the anti-terrorist bureau has coined "a classic divergence tactic" in relation to the investigations on Lambros Foundas, the 35 year old anarchist shot dead during a gun battle with the police earlier this week. The man is proclaimed by the anti-terrorist bureau as "a key member of one of the big new generation terrorist groups" of greece. Anarchist have launched an extended campaign in honour of Lambros Foundas with thousands of posters and a one thousand strong protest march to the spot of his assassination being realised today noon.

The second bomb exploded at 15:58 p.m on Saturday 20 March at the Police Directorship for Immigrants (Allodapon) at Petrou Ralli avenue, Athens. Allodapon is the notorious camp-like place where all immigrants have to stand in line for endless hours waiting for papers applications while cops brutalise them indiscriminately. There have been many deaths of immigrants as a result of police brutality, as well as protest marches and clashes with the police as a result (all covered in earlier postings in libcom). The explosion was pre-announced to the daily Elefterotypia with a phone-call that allowed 20 minutes to evacuate the buildings and close of the streets. The bomb, which is claimed by the police to be "strong" has damaged part of the premises, while its blast wave has also damaged shops across the avenue, with no human injuries due to the evacuation. Both this and the bomb in Sokratous street were time-bombs.

The bomb attacks come after more than a month of a lull by urban guerrilla groups which has launched a winter offensive during December and January. It must be noticed that the small bomb that hit the house of the vice-president of the Pakistani community yesterday is widely considered to be related to the Pakistani secret services (due to the fact that it has been proceeded by the assassination of an embassy official of Pakistan) and not to domestic armed struggle.

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iaourti iaourtaki
Mar 21 2010 21:33

here are some more updates translated, also about Katerina Goulioni - murdered one year ago:

Mar 22 2010 06:23

"neon-nazi" Haha.

Mar 22 2010 07:33
"neon-nazi" Haha.

instead of being a dick you could of just edited the article, you know as well as everyone else who visits this sight that the person who posted it speaks english as a second language.

Mar 22 2010 14:57

as always, thanks for the update taxikipali!

Looks like more fuel to the flames.

Mar 22 2010 15:57

Update: The attacks against the Golden Dawn, the Pakistani leader's house and the Police Directorship for Immigrants have been all just claimed via a lengthy and densely analytical communique by "The Nuclei of Fire Conspiracy". In their communique they analyse the issue of economic immigration and exploitation since the early 1990s, the role of the new "pro-immigrants" law, the para-state role of the Golden Dawn and the collaborationist role of the vice-president of the Pakistani Community who according to the NFC helped whitewash the kidnapping of Pakistani citizens by the greek state a few years ago and their brutal interrogations in secret mountain camps (as revealed by the Guardian). Also the communique pays honour to Lambros Foundas, with the NFC however making clear they did not even know the man. The communique is too long and complex to be done justice in a hurry in this comment box. I will provide a link to its translation if and when it becomes available in athens.indymedia.

The claiming of responsibility for all 3 attacks than occured within only 30h last weekend and shamed the greek police which was bragging it is shadowing all suspect guerrillas, comes amidst public panic regarding rumors that the State is printing drachmas (pre-Euro national currency) in the money-printing vaults of Mesogeion avenue, with the intention to exploit the 5-day holiday of the 25th of March to shift currency and then devaluate the drachma. The climate in Athens is tense with various labour sectors including lawyers and prison screws on strike.

Mar 22 2010 18:29

Correction: the second bomb was targeted against the vice-president of the Greek-Pakistani Association, Anwar Iqbal (spelling?) who the NFC claim "to have herded together all peace-loving Pakistanis and in the past allied himself with the then minister of public order, whitewashing the issue of the abductions of his co-patriots".

Note: The alert in Athens regarding a bomb at the offices of the Minister of the Economy is over, with a controlled explosion of the suspect item that proved to be simply a bag of trash. Also a 46 year old man has been arrested for over 60 phone farces threatening for bombs in the last 12 months.

Jul 31 2010 02:42

That's very sad news. Now a days everywhere is war. Like for example in the last year in Mumbai , India, the terrorist attack in the two 5star hotels at the same time. and there are uncountable attacks in the rest of the world. I think the government of all the countries should take the actions to remove the terrorism permanently from the world. Or else,the day will come when there will be the beginning of the next world war.