Somalia: Development by other means - Wildcat

Article analysing the war in Somalia in the early nineties, and the destruction of pre-capitalist social relations there through both military and 'humanitarian' means.

African health worker gap catastrophic

Rob Ray looks at claims that a brain drain to West is crippling healthcare across the African continent, for Freedom Press

Damaging uranium mines restart

Promotional shots of the mining operations at Kayelekera. (From www.

The new nuclear boom will hit Africa as advocacy groups warn poorly regulated mining of radioactive materials risks poisoning land and water, finds Rob Ray.

National liberation and state power - An anarchist critique of the MPLA in Angola

A text written around 1980 by Martin Spence outlining a critique of the Marxist-Leninist Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA).

Morocco: miners from Jbel Awam on trial

Twenty-nine of the striking miners went on trial today facing charges that include unarmed rebellion.

Cameroon: Primary school teachers to strike

A Cameroon primary school

Teachers have given official notice of strike action from October 2nd to October 5th, this will coincide with the anniversary of the 1966 UNESCO recommendation concerning the Status of Teachers.

Ivory Coast: Medical strike enters ninth day

The all-out strike, with no minimum service, continues, leaving hospitals practically deserted.

Morocco: Striking miners arrested at Jbel Awam

Miners at Jbel Awam in the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco were arrested after police invaded their camp on Tuesday morning.

Sénégal: entire workforce fired for wildcat strike

Management at Mèches Darling have fired the entire workforce after a wildcat action.

France: petrol workers win bonus

The strike was launched on Monday at 4am by fuel delivery workers on the island of Réunion from the CFDT union.