Ivory Coast: hospital workers win strike over benefits and bonuses

Workers at the University hospital in Treichville have ended a three-week strike after management agreed a series of concessions.

Ivory Coast: customs and tax officers strike

Tax officers and customs officers launched strikes this week to demand payment of bonuses.

Zambia: Mine workers wildcat strike

First Quantum’s Kansanshi mine, Zambia

Workers at the First Quantum Kansanshi copper mine have been refusing to work since Wednesday when they noticed that an agreed pay rise had not been properly implemented.

Cameroon: wildcat strikes win improvements for hospital staff

Douala hospital

Nurses and other hospital workers have won important concessions after launching a country-wide wildcat strike on Monday

South Africa: 260,000 workers on strike

South African workers take to the streets in May 2007

Striking workers in the metal and engineering industries said yesterday it was time they got a slice of the profits that they worked so hard to create.

Somalia: Soldiers demand unpaid wages

Somali troops

Soldiers have taken control of government buldings in the Central province of Hiran after going seven months without pay.

Mali: Butchers strike against government price-fixing

Bamako Market

Butchers in the capital of Mali, Bamoko, launched wildcat action after the government ordered prices to be lowered.

South African unions call off massive strike

Cosatu pickets

Unions have agreed to a government pay offer just 0.5% above inflation, describing it as "fantastic."

Morocco: Mayday solidarity protest attacked

Auxiliary forces using boots and truncheons attacked the peaceful sit-in outside the Moroccan Parliament building last Friday.

South Africa: ZACF statement of support for public sector strike

Statement of support by the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Federation (southern Africa) for the public sector strikes which are currently sweeping South Africa.