South Africa: ‘Massive’ strike spreads on 13th day

Cosatu pickets

A nationwide public sector strike by hundreds of thousands of workers has shut down schools, courts and hospitals in a bitter dispute over pay that has seen the army deployed against pickets.

Nigeria: General strike approaches over fuel price hikes

Nigerian worker

Workers from Nigeria's two largest unions are planning to launch an indefinite strike from Monday if their demands are not met.

Congo: journalists attacked by police

A meeting of 100 journalists in Mbuji-Mayi was broken up by police on May 31st

Zimbabwe: Wildcat strikes and unrest escalates

Under fire: Mugabe

We have received reports that wildcat strikes are spreading across Zimbabwe as workers demand pay which will match massive inflation.

Senegal: seven teachers injured by police

The teachers were on the way home from a general meeting that had been held in the state capital Ziguinchor when they were attacked by police.

Congo: discrimination and illegal practices in cement factory

A UK cement works

Congolese workers at a cement factory in Loutété are working in what they describe as slave conditions.

Zimbabwean unions call-off mayday celebrations after death threats

ZCTU demonstrator with arm in a sling

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) says it was forced to cancel May Day celebrations in four provinces after militant supporters of President Robert Mugabe’s ruling ZANU PF party allegedly threatened to murder union officials if the celebrations went ahead.

Mayotte: Police arrest striking teachers


Local authorities are trying to break the long-running strike by arresting strikers, rather than by honouring promises made to staff.

Congo: Hospital workers strike

Hospital workers in Goma have begun striking after their request for better conditions was rejected.

Mayotte: Teachers strike over pay and conditions

Unions (FO and CGT) in Mayotte have ordered teachers to step down their protests after picketing led to massive disruption across the Island.