Mauritius: Yamachiche abattoir workers win strike

Workers at the abattoir have returned to work after winning salary increases and recognition of their union.

Ivory Coast: 57 workers fired for wildcat strike

Wood workers in the Ivory Coast

Earlier this week wood workers at Ivory Coast firm SMCI were accused by their boss of going on a wildcat strike, and fired.

Senegal: Strike at national airline

Air Senegal International was completely shut down for 48 hours this week as staff took strike action over low pay.

Gasping from out the Shallows: Reflections on revolution in the early twenty-first century

A text by Wayne Spencer giving an overview of struggles in the UK, Poland, South Africa and Italy alongside his reflections on the possibilities for revolution and revolutionary theory in the 21st century.

Somalia: bus drivers on strike

Bus and truck drivers in central Somalia were on strike yesterday following a hike in local taxes

Guinea: General strike ends with appointment of new PM


Union leaders in Guinea once again suspended a general strike on Tuesday a nationwide strike after President Lansana Conte (pictured) agreed to appoint a new prime minister.

Zimbabwean government to crush any union-led protests


The Zimbabwe government on Sunday said trade union leaders calling for a national work boycott in April are itching “to start a war” in the country and vowed to sternly deal with them.

The debt crisis, Africa and the new enclosures - Silvia Federici

1990 article by Silvia Federici on the expansion of capitalist social relations in Africa amidst the debt crisis, and its effect on the African working class.

Guinean general strike continues as martial law relaxed


Life is slowly returning to relative normality in Guinea now that the government has eased a curfew imposed after nationwide unrest, but the general strike is ongoing.