Ba Jin obituary, 1904-2005

Obituary in the Guardian of Chinese author and anarchist Ba Jin, on Tuesday October 18, 2005 by John Gittings

Sakae, Osugi, 1885-1923

Osugi Sakae

A biography of Japanese anarchist Osugi Sakae.

The meaning of Tiananmen - Burt Green

Burt Green analyses the events of Tiananmen Square and their consequences. This article contains some factual inaccuracies (see comments below for more information) but we reproduce it for reference.

China: Riots in Chongqing after death of a schoolboy

Chongqing province, China

Rioting broke out in Chonqing after it was reported that the child's parents had been arrested.

China: Workers in Guangdong attacked for asking to be paid

A chinese construction worker in the shadow of a high rise

Construction workers building a dam near Heyuan, were attacked after demanding payment, having gone four months without wages.

China: Slave labour in brick kilns

Chinese brick kiln workers

At least 600 people have been freed by authorities from slave labour working in brick kilns in northern China.

Democratic stresses in Nepal and its regional implications

Nepali protesters

A brief look at some aspects of the political situation in Nepal today and its wider regional context.

Vietnam: Further wildcats in the garment sector

A Vietnamese garment factory

Over 800 workers at a Taiwanese-owned garment company in Ho Chi Minh City struck work Wednesday demanding lower workload and social welfare coverage.

Indian airlines hit by wildcat strike

Grounded - Indian airlines flights

Tens of thousands had flights cancelled as workers at the Indian state-owned airline walked out over wages in arrears.

China: riots against police brutality

People in the south-western city of Chongqing fought riot police after a flower-seller was attacked by a policeman.