Between the 30s and the 60s - Murray Bookchin

Murray Bookchin

In this article, appearing in the book The Sixties, Without Apology, Murray Bookchin traces American radical thought from the 1930s to the 1960s.

I strongly doubt if we will ever understand—and fully evaluate—the 60s without placing it against the background of another radical decade, the 30s.

Radical America #21.06: Radical America Remembers the Sixties

Constituent Items:

The official story: imagining Vietnam (Hanley, Lynne)
The impact of the Civil Rights Movement on popular music (Garofalo, Reebee)
Looking back at the sixties
Woman/nation/state the demographic race and national reproduction in Isreal (Yuval-Davis, Nira)
Preface: the AIDS movement and its challenge

Radical America #20.04: 1967 Twentieth Anniversary

Constituent Items:

It just be's dat way sometime the sexual politics of Women's blues (Carby, Hazel V.)
Changing the scientific myths of gender and race (White, E. Frances Woodhull-McNeal, Ann)
Breaking the blockade a conversation with Cuban filmmaker Tomas Alea (Georgakas, Dan)

From workers autonomy to social autonomy: the experience of Socialisme ou Barbarie. An interview with Daniel Blanchard - Amador Fernández-Savater

Daniel Blanchard (a/k/a Pierre Canjuers) discusses his experience as a member of Socialisme ou Barbarie during the 1950s and 1960s in this undated interview published in 2008.

[b]From Workers Autonomy to Social Autonomy: The Experience of Socialisme ou Barbarie. An Interview with Daniel Blanchard1

  • 1. Daniel Blanchard (Paris, 1934) is a writer, poet and translator.

Radical America #02.06: Radicalism & culture

Constituent articles:

- Toward a radical theory of culture (Gross, David)
- Notes on a radical theory of culture (Shapiro, Jeremy J.)
- Follettes & further (The Willie)
- The new left, 1967-1968 (O'Brien, James P.)
- Sitting on a bench in TSquare (Levy, D. A.)
- El cornu emplumado a narrative (Georgakas, Dan)
- Cartwheel flashes (Blazek, Doug)
- Three poets (Wagner, David)

Radical America #02.05: New Left, 1965-67

Constituent articles:

- The new left, 1965-67 (O'Brien, James P.)
- Chicago (Kryss, T. L.)
- Black liberation historiography (Starobin, Robert Tomich, Dale)
- Homage to T-Bone Slim (Rosemont, Franklin)
- Visualized prayer to the American God, #2 (Levy, D. A.)
- The universal incredible generational gap story (Beck, Joel)
- The STFU failure on the left (Naison, Mark D.)

Radical America #02.03: The New Left 1960-65

Constituent articles:

- The early days of the new left (O'Brien, James P.)
- The student movement in the 1950's a reminiscence (Schiffrin, Andre)
- Poetry & revolution (Wagner, Dave)
- A revolutionary strategy (Ewen, Stuart)
- The radicals' use of history II (Lynd, Staughton)
- Again, the radicals and scholarship (Wood, Dennis)

Detroit: I do mind dying. A study in urban revolution - Dan Georgakas and Marvin Surkin

Detroit: I Do Mind Dying tracks the extraordinary development of the Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement and the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, as they became two of the most vital political organizations of the 1960s and 1970s. Widely heralded as one the most important books on the black liberation movement and labor struggles in U.S. history.

The struggle of Asian workers in Britain - Race Today

Pamphlet published in 1983 by the Race Today Collective containing three articles and sets of interviews on the struggles of Asian workers in the UK.

Queens, hookers, and hustlers: Organizing for survival and revolt amongst gender-variant sex workers, 1950-1970

A selection from Mack Friedman’s Strapped for Cash: A History of American Hustler Culture.

From the Introduction: