Oxford's Class War and the Blackbird Leys Riots of the Early 90s


A text on some of the history of class conflict in Oxford, concentrating on the Blackbird Leys riots of the early 90s, and written shortly afterwards.

At its very outset Oxford University was established to tie together the hegemony that would run dear old Albion for ever more. In Oxford science, religion and the aristocracy pooled their resources to deepen, mystify and finance their power. The presence of the working class in Oxford was permitted essentially only in order to facilitate all this cerebral masturbation.

Talking Heads

introduction, by michael botkin & collective

The inhumanity of humanitarian aid - Wildcat

Article looking at the use of 'humanitarian' aid as a way of perpetuating war and reproducing capitalist social relations, as a means of social control, during the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s.

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Hyperinflation: a 500 billion dinar note

Wildcat UK show how international sanctions imposed on former-Yugoslavian countries during the Yugoslav wars acted as attacks on the living conditions of the working class.

Yugoslavia: from wage cuts to war - Wildcat

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Article analysing the war in Somalia in the early nineties, and the destruction of pre-capitalist social relations there through both military and 'humanitarian' means.

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Report on a 1992 strike at a metal finishing company following a worker suffering miscarriage, after management refused her light duties.

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Report on the shooting of an IRA member by Belfast police in November 1992.

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Report on a demonstration in London on International Day to End Violence Against Women, 1992.