Why art can't kill the Situationist International

Alexander III statue toppled

T.J. Clark and Donald Nicholson-Smith on why art can't kill the Situationist International in October 79, Winter 1997.

The Lindisfarne Shelter, by Sally Madge

The Lindisfarne Shelter

Tom Jennings reports on the eventful life and death of an outstanding work of anonymous, autonomous public art

Modernism as the vanguard of a consumer aesthetic two views - Loren Goldner

Reviews of T.J Clark's The Painting of Modern Life Paris in the Art of Manet and his Followers and Jerrold Seigel's Bohemian Paris Culture, Politics and the Boundaries of Bourgeois Life 1830- 1930 by Loren Goldner.

Processed World #24

Issue 24: October 1989 from

Art & Chaos in Brazil

interview with graffiti artist ze carratu

From The Grey Ranks: Graffiti in War & Peace in Poland

interview with tomasz sikorski, by d.s. black

Art as a weapon: Franz Seiwert and the Cologne progressives - Martyn Everett

Fig 1.  Hans Schmitz  -  Mass

An account of Franz Seiwert and the 'Cologne Progressives', a group or circle of artists who followed and participated in the radical currents around the German council communist organisations AAU and especially the AAU-E. The 'Cologne Progressives' may be the most radical group of artists ever.

Labour Intensive, by Sally Madge & Carole Luby

This performance artwork powerfully evokes the blood, sweat and tears of the nurturance underpinning social reproduction, according to Tom Jennings

The Russian constructivists and anarchism

Malevich's Black Square

A short account of the Russian constructivists and their close relations with anarchism

Strike for the living wage at the National Gallery

Staff at the National Gallery in London have struck for the second time this year to demand the London living wage.