Dada: a short history

A short account of the Dada movement that developed during the First World War in radical revulsion to the society that had let it come about.

King Mob poster and image gallery

Posters, stickers and images produced by Situationist-influenced group King Mob.

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Useful work versus useless toil - William Morris

'The Months' tile panel - Morris, Marshall, Falkner Co. Painted by Faulkner 1863

An article on the nature of work by the nineteenth century libertarian socialist craftsman/artist and designer.

Flowers for Homestead at Dulwich Picture Gallery - Practical History

Leaflets distributed at a talk on Henry Frick's art collection, reflecting on the 1892 Homestead strike, and the origins of the wealth of the industrialists whose collections founded many of Britain's major art galleries.

William Blake takes on GlaxoSmithKline - Practical History

Report of a 2001 action at the Tate Britain Gallery in London, against a William Blake exhibition sponsored by the pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline.

Surrealism in the Arab world

Cover of "libertarian desire"

Article printed in the journal Arsenal: Surrealist Subversion no.3, 1976, including The Manifesto of the Arab Surrealist Movement, 1975.

Art as Form of Reality - Herbert Marcuse

Marcuse discusses the traditional conservative role of art in society, artistic challenges to traditional art forms in the 1970s - and what role art might still play in a liberated society.

Socialism and the Avant-Garde, 1880-1914 - Eric Hobsbawm

walter crane - solidarity of labour

Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm's account of the relationship between the prewar artistic avant-garde and the workers' movement of that period. Both converged in the late nineteenth century, diverged quite sharply in the first phase of radical 'modernism', but found each other again - at least for a few passionate years - under the impact of the Great War and the October Revolution.

The Closed Window Onto Another Life - endangeredphoenix

Culture is the commodity that sells the whole of the commodity economy. But a critique of art and of culture is virtually absent amongst the revolutionary milieu in the UK, an absence we try to make up for here.

The Dream of Fluxus, by George Macuinas

The Baltic’s recent Fluxus show can’t entirely conceal the radical ambition and potential of avant-garde art, finds Tom Jennings.