Value struggle or class struggle? A review of The beginning of history by Massimo De Angelis

Aufheben's review and critique of The beginning of history: Value struggles and global capital by Massimo De Angelis, Pluto Press, London, 2007.

Aufheben review of Beverley Silver's Forces of labor

Libertarian Marxist magazine Aufheben reviews Beverly Silver's 2003 study of workers' movements in key industries Forces of labour: Workers' movements and globalisation since 1870.

Aufheben - Greatest Hits

Online book collecting together the best of Aufheben magazine.

Aufheben - Autonomia

Aufheben articles on Autonomia.

Aufheben - Inside movements

Aufheben articles from inside movements.

Aufheben issues

A list of past issues of Aufheben.

What was the USSR? - Aufheben

Excellent four-part analysis of the economic system of the Soviet Union examining the most common theories of its nature and pointing out their strengths and flaws.

Aufheben - Decadence

Introduction to ‘the theory of decline or the decline of theory’

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Croissants and roses - New Labour, communalism, and the rise of muslim Britain

An account and analysis of the rise of communalism, multiculturalism and the creation of the British "Muslim community" under New Labour.