Aufheben - Autonomia

Aufheben articles on Autonomia.

Aufheben - Inside movements

Aufheben articles from inside movements.

Aufheben issues

A list of past issues of Aufheben.

What was the USSR? - Aufheben

Excellent four-part analysis of the economic system of the Soviet Union examining the most common theories of its nature and pointing out their strengths and flaws.

Aufheben - Decadence

Introduction to ‘the theory of decline or the decline of theory’

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Croissants and roses - New Labour, communalism, and the rise of muslim Britain

An account and analysis of the rise of communalism, multiculturalism and the creation of the British "Muslim community" under New Labour.

Capitalism and spectacle Review article: The Retort Collectives Afflicted Powers

Aufheben review of The Retort Collective’s Afflicted Powers

Direct action: A bloke’s eye view - Review of Birds, booze and bulldozers

Aufheben Review of Birds, booze and bulldozers by Peter Styles (Small World, 2007)

Al-Sadr and the Mahdi army: Sectarianism and resistance in Iraq

Muqtada al-Sadr

Aufheben's excellent analysis and history of Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi army in Iraq.