More mayhem - cops kill again as garment workers' rioting continues in Bangladesh

Ashulia - garment workers continue to fight cops - 28 Jun 09

The unrest continues in the garment industry - another worker killed as rioting spreads across the whole garment factory area in Ashulia.

Fury; garment worker shot dead in Bangladesh as workers strike and riot

Savar 27 Jun 09 - workers fight cops

The persistent outbreaks of workers' anger continue in the Bangladeshi garment industry. A strike escalates...

Wildcats; over 15,000 Bangladeshi garment workers "go berserk" and attack factories over non-payment and low wages

Two major outbreaks of garment workers' fury have occurred this week.

Metering the measure of exploitation - auto rickshaw drivers' wildcat strike in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Rickshaw drivers across Asia have a long history of militancy, continuing to the present...

Aftermath of the BDR mutiny; state murders and class struggles in Bangladesh

Updates on;
1) deaths in custody of suspects in the February Bangladeshi Rifles (BDR) army mutiny,
2) the increasing unrest in the Bangladeshi garment industry and state measures to contain it.

Bangladesh; the BDR mutiny

Speculative comments on the recent 25th-26th February rebellion in the ranks of the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) auxiliary unit, which has so far claimed nearly 150 lives.

Doctors' strikes without borders

Underfunded: Lagos University Hospital

Medical doctors in Bangladesh, Nigeria and Yemen have walked out this week in rows over pay, conditions and safety.

Bangladesh; in the militarized factory - visions of the devouring demons of capital

RMG women protest

Notes from the recent wave of struggles in the Bangladesh garment industry - there are ghosts in the machine...

Bangladesh: carrot and stick - security forces fire on garment workers as government recalls unions

RMG workers riot

Garment workers continue their agitations... and the uncertain role of unions.

Bangladesh; garment workers attack factories as thousands wildcat and riot

The ongoing unrest in the garment factories continues...