Water transport workers in Bangladesh in national wildcat

After around 38 hours, passenger vessels resumed services in Bangladesh on Saturday 12 June as water transport workers partially called off their countrywide wildcat strike demanding higher wages.

A world food crisis; empty rice bowls and fat rats

A short look at the problems in world food production and supply, and its links with rising oil prices, global warming and changes in farming techniques.

Bangladesh; life's a gas! $100 a month employee grabs 'bonus' of $145 million

Gas plant

The extent of the corruption discovered within the Bangladeshi gas supply industry is astonishing even the anti-corruption investigators (see earlier story).

Bangladeshi garment worker murdered by bosses - and other developments

Last Wednesday (30th Jan) two workers in World Dresses Ltd, Mirapur, Dhaka, were attacked and beaten by management staff at the end of an evening shift.

Bangladeshi garment workers keep up the pressure - more clashes

Bangladeshi workers continue the protests and strikes that have been escalating in recent weeks.

Bangladeshi garment workers out again and escalating

There have been more clashes in the Mirpur industrial area of Dhaka (see previous report); on Saturday 12th thousands of garment workers again demonstrated for improvements in conditions.

Bangladeshi garment workers return to work

Dhaka, Bangladesh: there has been a return to work after two days of strikes and protests which spread to 50 factories and involved thousands of garment workers in Mirpur, Dhaka (see earlier report).

Worked to death - Bangladeshi garment workers take to the streets after workmate dies

On Wednesday (2nd Jan) this week several thousand garment workers from around 20 factories completely blocked a main highway from 8am to 5 pm in Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh - aftermath of a cyclone

In recent days there have been demonstrations across those coastal areas of Bangladesh worst-hit by the 'Sidr' cyclone of 15 November.

Garment workers struggles escalate again in Bangladesh

Bangladeshi garment workers

Tejgaon, Dhaka; yesterday morning (Saturday) new clashes broke out in the city's industrial zone. Up to 25,000 garment workers came out on wildcat strike and fought both police and management-hired thugs. Over 50 people, including cops, were injured - some seriously.