Jute workers attack union leaders in Bangladesh amid wider unrest

RM examines a new wave of workers' struggle in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh: 100 hurt as garment workers clash with police

Production in most parts of the Dhaka Export Processing Zone (DEPZ) in Savar remained suspended throughout the day yesterday as clashes between workers and police left at least 100 people injured.

Student revolt: riots across Bangladesh

A clash on Monday 20 Aug on Dhaka University campus, when students at a football game were manhandled by soldiers, has escalated into a nationwide student revolt.

Water, energy and crisis in Bangladesh

How water and electricity scarcity impacts on life and politics. Plus a brief look at the ongoing governmental crisis.

Bangladesh: Strikes, clashes and party leaders to be exiled?

Following on from our previous report, workers at the four Khulna jute mills were locked out by bosses last week.

On Bangladesh today and tomorrow

After six months of effective martial law and widespread political purges imposed by military anti-corruption squads under the caretaker government, we now begin to hear reports of class struggle reappearing.

Bangladesh: 'State of Emergency' powers extended and tightened - strikes & demonstrations banned, media gagged

President Iajuddin Ahmed on Friday 26th Jan proclaimed the Emergency Powers Rules 2007 and indefinitely extended the existing state of emergency.

On the present situation in Bangladesh - "state of emergency" declared.

Enforcing curfew

The political climate in Bangladesh remains as violent and unstable as ever... but has electoral politics, for the moment, derailed workers' struggle? RM investigates.

Bangladesh: Fifty garment workers beaten by hired thugs

Unrest - Bangladeshi garment workers fight back in the Tejgaon Industrial Area

Dozens of workers at a clothing factory were injured on Wednesday when over 200 outsiders, allegedly hired by the factory authorities, attacked the workers who were protesting against the bosses' beating of two of their leaders.