"A Strike By Any Other Name"

Natasha Moss-Dedrick analyses the huge, five months strike of 70,000 California grocery workers in 2004 and the role the union played in their defeat.

Obama administration takes strong stance against pot legalization

Once again, President Obama’s administration is standing in the way of pro-working class, civil rights legislation. In response, the Democratic Party’s base is dropping out from under them. In order to offset the lost votes, Obama and the democrats are doing everything they can to get their base motivated – everything except listening to them.

Crisis and consciousness: Reflections and lessons from March 4th

Advance the Struggle analyse the attempts at a strike on March 4, 2010 against cuts in education in California.

Kaiser don't care! SEIU neither! The Kaiser hospitals strike, 1986

Kaiser strikers demonstrate, 1986

An account of the strike against the introduction of a two tier pay system at Kaiser hospitals in California in 1986, including interviews and a discussion with two participants.

Class struggle in Claremont

Pomona College is the site of active class struggle. The food service workers of Pomona College are now in open conflict with the corporate administration of Pomona College over their attempts to organize an independent union. They fight for dignity, justice and respect. Their employer, Pomona College, seeks only the ability to continue its exploitative practices. The College rejects even their basic demand for an agreement against intimidation. We, as Claremont Solidarity, stand with the workers, and against the interests of capital and the corporate university.

March 4: Strikes and Occupations in California and across the US

Banner at Brooklyn College

In response to the state government's attempt to use the crisis as en excuse for rolling back public services -including tuition increases of 32% at the UC system- students and workers struck and occupied across the state of California, as did their counterparts at colleges in New York and 30 other states, defying efforts to corral the movement into after-work rallies or "dialogues" at the Capitol.

Strikes & Walkouts in Northern California March 4th 2010

With the global crisis deepening, California is being hit hard. Two consecutive booms then busts, in high tech and then housing, have left the state devastated. The official jobless rate for California is 12.4%, but the reality is probably twice that. Millions of foreclosed homes sit empty alongside tent cities springing up across the state. Austerity was forced on the working class with almost no opposition -- until students rose up last fall. There have been occupations and strikes. On Thursday there will be statewide strikes, walkouts, and direct action. Hopefully it will spread beyond the campuses and become a general strike.

March 4 the Regents!: How and why a movement gets co-opted

An analysis of the attempts to co-opt the student occupation movement in California 2010.

The necrosocial: civic life, social death, and the UC

Statement from Occupied UC Berkeley, 18 November 2009.

There can be nothing between us except enmity: statement delivered at UCPD police forum

The Associated Students of the University of California/University of California Police Department "Police Forum" was crashed on December 1, 2009. As soon as the first cop began to speak everyone in the room stood up and he was interrupted with the following statement. Then everyone walked out.