The struggle of the Belchatow hospital workers: why it is so important

The ZSP union in Poland is currently involved in several important struggles against the exploitation of especially vulnerable categories of workers such as the elderly and people with disabilities. The union is taking on the exploitative practices of outsourcing and the way of conducting public tenders.

All in a day’s work: life and labor in the day labor industry

An article by Everett Martinez about the day labor industry in the construction trades.

The lump: an heretical analysis - Dave Lamb

1974 pamphlet by Solidarity criticising the standard left and union response to "the lump": the paying of building workers by lump sums for a job instead of union rates on national terms and conditions. Deeply controversial at the time, it criticised the slogan "Defend the unions, smash the lump!" and pointed out that the building unions agreeing to enforce a government pay freeze in "national interest" bore much responsibility for the development.

Time & casual work

Time operates on casual workers differently and further alienates them from other workers.

Christmas casual work

First of a series of articles about casual work. This one is looking at a Christmas casual job in distribution. Please contact the authors if you have any experiences we can discuss at:

The Ten Ninety Nihilists


In the United States a new form of casualized work is being hyped by Silicon Valley tech-utopian Randians, based on a free market right-wing libertarian ideology of "liberty of contract." Empire-Logistics participant Kevin Carhart exposes this new form of class exploitation.

Welcome to the occupation

Published February 2012. Written for Shift's Precarity series, the Introduction to which can be read here.

Precarity and the workplace: an account of organising at an FE College

Published online in February 2012. Written by Siobhan as part of Shift's Precarity series, the introduction to which can be read here.

Strike threat at the University of Sussex

Strike threat at the University of Sussex

The three recognised trade unions at the University of Sussex are conducting a co-ordinated indicative ballot for strike action, against plans to outsource 235 campus jobs.

National demo against privatisation - University of Sussex - updates

National demo against privatisation - University of Sussex - updates

Monday March 25th is the national demonstration against privatisation being held at the University of Sussex. We'll edit this post with updates throughout the day. Also keep an eye on the comments for the latest, and the #Mar25 hashtag on twitter.