Beyond work - Nina Power

'Work sucks' - Sisyphus

Nina Power on the need to not just resist workfare, but work as we know it.

Sometimes it feels like


Blog post about lacking vocabulary to talk about important economic changes we've experienced, and how that lack of vocabulary hurts us.

‘Bout to explode: a day in the life of a precarious worker

As part of Shift Magazine's series on precarity, Juan Conatz describes a day in the work life of a sleep deprived day laborer.

Casualisation on the docks: a ship we all don't want to berth

Workers at the Ports of Auckland have been on strike this week, with solidarity actions spreading nationally and internationally.

International solidarity for EULEN-ABB strikers

February 17th was the International Day of Action for the EULEN-ABB strikers in Cordoba. The struggle continues as they fight for their reinstatement, the right to strike and money owed.

Classroom recomposition: Agencies, OFSTED, and academies

A short blog entry looking at the plight of a particular group of agency workers in a prominent London academy.

Non-unionised Seattle truckers organise against the bosses

Over 600 non-unionised workers at dock in Seattle walk out in protest against horrendous working conditions. What started at one company has now spread to over a dozen. The workers are not going back to work until the bosses give into their demands.

Tribunal: Agency worker's blacklisting is legal

Despite rhetoric that the new EU agency worker regulations will 'stifle business' and 'cost jobs', the extent to which the British government will go to use agency work to attack hard-won legal rights and undermine our working conditions is increasingly clear.

Protest at Roche against dismissal and shady policies

The ZSP takes the pharmaceutical giant to task for denying workers their basic rights.

The UK agency workers regulations: an opportunity to organise

Temps: not quite yet equal

A blog entry about the new laws giving agency staff some equal rights with permanent staff, and how we can use them to improve our conditions and build solidarity in the workplace.