Protest at Roche against dismissal and shady policies

The ZSP takes the pharmaceutical giant to task for denying workers their basic rights.

The UK agency workers regulations: an opportunity to organise

Temps: not quite yet equal

A blog entry about the new laws giving agency staff some equal rights with permanent staff, and how we can use them to improve our conditions and build solidarity in the workplace.

UK workplace struggles roundup - December 2011

December saw strikes on the railways and London Underground, and action by IT, factory and warehouse workers, amongst others.

Action against shady temp agency and campaign with building workers

Karol M. has been in a coma since November 3. That's when he had an accident at his construction job in Warsaw. To the horror of his family, it turned out that Karol was never given any contract by the work agency "Jerzy Madziarowicz MIX". The boss did not report the accident at work and went he was called by the police, he claimed that Karol did not work for him.

Solidarity Federation to agency workers: together we can fight back and win!

Office Angels picket

The past couple of months have seen SolFed engage in an escalating “disruptive action” campaign to redress a case of unpaid wages by the world's largest employment agency. Four days into a national week of action, the Office Angels temporary agency capitulated and gave their ex-worker his due wages.

Week of action against Office Angels

This week - the 9th to the 15th - the Solidarity Federation has called for a week of action against Office Angels after they failed to pay a worker for two days he was owed, and a day - Wednesday 11th - to bombard Office Angels with phone calls and e-mails, effectively creating a 'communications blockade'. The response to the call has been excellent, with pickets taking place and planned across the country. This article lays out the background to the dispute, as well as listing the pickets taking place this week.

Action against OTTO employment agency met with police action

A picket against Dutch employment agency OTTO Workforce organized by the Vrije Bond and ZSP in Venrey, where the headquarters of OTTO is began this morning. From the beginning it was met with to the police action.

Warsaw: nurses occupy Sejm, tenants disrupt city council

Politicians are the target of protests as tensions rise in labour and other social movements.

Casualisation and 'flexibility': an analysis

An overview of the casualisation of work, and some of the broader implications of the forced “flexibilisation” of the labour market.

Abolish temporary work! Campaign from FAU-IWA

Statement by German anarcho-syndicalist group FAU on the situation of temporary employment in Germany and recent developments between unions and employers' organisations.