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Neither Species 8472 Nor The Borg:

No War But The Class War

'They use flags first to shrink-wrap peoples' minds and smother thought, and then as ceremonial shroud to bury the willing

Unfinished Business - The politics of Class War

Unfinished Business

The definitive book about the politics of the Class War Federation, including brief histories and descriptions of the capitalist system and how it functions.

Clearly written and interesting, it is a good introduction to CW's ideas, though we at would have several important disagreements with it. Notably on the issues of class and nationalism

The changing face of the anti-CPE movement

The CPE France blog takes a look back at the past fortnight and traces the changing face of the anti-CPE protests.

From being a university student led movement centred around their campus buildings, the protest has become something '1000 times as revolutionary' according to France Soir.

Financial Times: This is no middle class revolt

Anti-CPE demonstrators

In an article which shatters every accusation of a privileged revolt, the Financial Times has become the first UK newspaper to point out the growing class angle of this rebellion against labour casualisation.

They say Villepin faces crisis as "as criticism of his labour market reforms spreads from increasingly violent student protesters to immigrant youth in poor riot-hit suburbs, undermining his claims to be helping the most disadvantaged."

On the closure of the Nestle plant in Norwich, 1995

This article originally appeared in Black Flag #206, Autumn 1995. It was written by Norwich Solidarity Federation, who had contacts in the plant and tried to organise action against the closure.

Nestlé Plant to Shut in Norwich

Nestlé's decision last year to shut the Norwich factory came as little surprise after years of rumours.

What is the middle class? - Albert Meltzer

Albert Meltzer writes for Black Flag magazine on the idea that "we are all middle class now".

Prime Minister John Major referred to Tories achieving a 'classless society'. He was referring to the gradual move from the English class system to the American. In England the survival of the old upper class is ensured by the constitutional monarchy, against which the middle class is beginning to rebel, or at least not regard exxpressions of rebellion as reprehensible.

"A Class Act" - review of "Educating Who about What - the circled a and its parasites"

A CLASS ACT - Anarchism, Class and who we really want to talk to.

1980: The Remaking of the American Working Class - Loren Goldner

The changing nature of capital and its exploitation.

The Restructuring of Global Capital and the Recomposition of Class Terrain

Preface to the 1999 Edition

South Africa: Class Struggle vs. Race Struggle - ICG

From Communism #3

Slogans Foreign to the Proletariat, Alienated WorkersÂ’ Consciousness - Communism #13

Concerning slogans such as:

"Protect work"
"Protect the workplace"
"Protect the company"
"Protect the national economy"