DOWN WITH LABOUR! - Communism #13

"Political economy conceals the estrangement in the nature of labour by ignoring the direct relationship between the worker (labour) and production. It is true that labour produces marvels for the rich, but it produces privation for the worker. It produces palaces, but hovels for the worker. It produces beauty, but deformity for the worker.

What Reduction of Working Time? - Communism #10

The following text was first published in Communism No.2 in 1985. At that time we were faced with language difficulties that made our texts in English quite obscure for our readers. Now, thanks to the effort of more and more English-speaking comrades, the texts published in Communism are far easier to read. This is one reason why we are republishing this text.

General intellect - Maurizio Lazzarato

Maurizio Lazzarato's inquiry into the production of informational/cultural content as a commodity.


Towards an Inquiry into Immaterial Labour

by Maurizio Lazzarato

translated by Ed Emery

[TRANSLATOR'S NOTE: This is a rough working version. I have put it on this site while we work on the final text. Please do not copy or circulate]

The Inversion of Class Perspective in Marxian Theory: From Valorization to Self-valorization

An article on contemporary Marxism by US academic Harry Cleaver.

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On the condition of the English working class - Engels

Work by Engels before he met Marx. Not recommended reading, unless you hate Irish people. Reproduced here for reference.

[i] Written September 1844 to March 1845.
Published in Leipzig in 1845. [/i]

The Rights of the Horse and the Rights of Man

Paul Lafargue's


Socialism and the Intellectuals

Paul Lafargue's


Class struggle is asymmetrical

Class Struggle is Asymmetrical

John Holloway

Atilio Borón's article, raises with exemplary clarity issues that are central to the discussion of communist strategy today. It is because I disagree with him (as he disagrees with me) that I write this short reply.

On some aspects of the dialectic of labour in the Critique of Political Economy

Chattopadhyay's discussion on the nature of labour in capitalist society and comments on Marx's The Critique of Political Economy.

In the following lines we discuss the contradictions inherent in the category of labor that Marx underlines in his different writings where labor is examined in its multiple existence - labor as such, abstract and concrete labor, necessary and surplus labor.

Marxist-Humanism's concept of 'Subject'

Marxist-Humanism's concept of 'Subject'

Editor's Note: In early years of the 1970s leading up to the completion of her book, PHILOSOPHY AND REVOLUTION: FROM HEGEL TO SARTRE AND FROM MARX TO MAO, Raya Dunayevskaya engaged young revolutionaries in the ideas presented in that work. An example is a Jan. 15, 1971 letter, excerpted here, to young members of News and Letters Committees. Her discussion of the connection between subjects of revolt and philosophy speaks to concerns presented in our "Draft for Marxist-Humanist Perspectives" (See pp. 1, 5-8). The original can be found in Supplement to THE RAYA DUNAYEVSKAYA COLLECTION, 14110-11. Footnotes are by the editors.