The revolutionary potential of “social scum”

Some thoughts on the possibility for a progressive politics of the excluded and Marxism's deep fear and loathing of the 'lumpen proletariat'.

Karl Marx on the transition from feudalism to capitalism - Claudio.J.Katz

A useful summary of the argument that the class struggle of the peasantry was crucial in the transition to capitalism.

Proletariwhat? on class and the meaning of "proletarian".

What's the working class anyway?

A letter exchange in Subversion about the nature of class.

Unfinished business - review by Subversion

Class War Federation's book Unfinished business - the politics of Class War, is reviewed by the Subversion group which points out several important flaws, including on class and nationalism.

Class Science and Scientific Truth


The following article contains the text of the keynote address Richard Levins delivered at The New York Marxist School's Conference on Dialectical Materialism, held in October 1979. It was first published in Working Papers on Marxism and Science, published in 1981 by The New York Marxist School.

Discussion paper on class composition

German libertarian communists, Kolinko, write on the notion and meaning of class composition.

Middle Class? Fuck Off!

Article from Class War issue 73 on the role of the middle class in revolutionary politics, and acknowledging some of the shortcomings in the Class War Federation's understanding of class.

Strata in the working class - Martin Glaberman

Article by Martin Glaberman on the divisions within the working class.

Workerism - Antagonism

A communist critique of workerism, which also partly a self-critique of the authors' own tendencies.