credit crisis

Return of the crisis: Part 2 - the nature and significance of the crisis

The second part of Aufheben's analysis of the financial crisis.

Recurring Dreams - the red heart of fascism

At the heart of the cancerous desires of today's left.

A view on the crisis: an interview with Paul Mattick Jnr

The Marxist economist and author Paul Mattick Jnr talks to Stuart Watkins about his views on Marx, the economic crisis, and the prospects for socialism

Who is to blame? - Anselm Jappe

A short essay contesting the notion that the current economic crisis is the result of "greed" or irresponsible speculation by evil bankers or investment firms, asserting instead that it is an effect of a generalized crisis of value production caused by the falling rate of profit--an immanent law of capitalist production--and further maintaining that, rather than precipitating the crisis, the massive expansion of fictitious capital over the last 30 years was the only way its onset could be delayed until now.

Endnotes: Two aspects of austerity

What are we to make of the current round of austerity? Some members of Endnotes give their assesment.

Workers on the government and union slide: from one defeat to another so far - Kolektivně proti kapitálu & Mouvement Communiste

An analysis of the union protests against cuts in public spending in Czech in Autumn/Winter 2010.

The movement that needs no name

A brief article on Open Democracy from June 30th looking at some of the shared variables in anti-austerity movements across the OECD and possibilities for them becoming increasingly radical as conditions worsen.

A worldwide strike wave, austerity and the political crisis of global governance - Steven Colatrella

Londoners March against the G20

Steven Colatrella on the global wave of strikes and uprisings which has been the working class response to austerity measures pushed by national governments and global governance bodies like the IMF, G20 and the World Bank.

Spain (and beyond): 15 May demonstrations updates and discussion

Live updates and discussion from the Spanish assembly and occupations movement which began on 15 May 2011 and spread internationally.

Unrest becomes rage: Mobilisations against the crisis in Italy

The book bloc on a recent demonstration in Italy

Analysis of the recent movements in Italy against austerity and education "reform" from some Italian friends of Wildcat Germany.